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aquatic exercise ■

aquatic exercise ■ hand bars and ankle cuffs are buoyant, durable, seamless and latex-free ■ for aquatic exercise routines and rehabilitation ■ in water these low-impact exercisers add resistance to arm and leg movements ■ colors do not fade or leach ankle cuff exerciser hand bar exerciser swim bar exerciser hydrotherapy ■ superior comfort and durability ■ resistance for lower body workout ■ adjustable ■ specify blue (B) or red (R) 20-4040 B/R ankle cuff, pair pull buoy exerciser ■ two 5½" x 2½" floats on 12"L bar ■ resistance for upper body workout ■ non-slip hand grips ■ specify blue (B) or red (R) 20-4021 B/R hand bar, pair swim belt exerciser ■ improves balance and stabilization while increasing muscle tone and flexibility ■ two 6" floats on 30"L cushioned hand bars ■ specify blue (B) or red (R) 20-4030 B/R swim bar each jogger belt exerciser pull buoy exerciser ■ made of smooth, contoured foam ■ provides excellent lower body buoyancy ■ does not cause chaffing or irritation ■ specify blue (B) or red (R) 20-4050 B/R pull buoy small 20-4051 B/R pull buoy large ■ standard: jogger belt and hand bars ■ deluxe: standard kit plus ankle cuffs ■ specify blue (B) or red (R) 20-4210 B/R standard kit, small 20-4211 B/R standard kit, medium 20-4212 B/R standard kit, large 20-4200 B/R deluxe kit, small 20-4201 B/R deluxe kit, medium 20-4202 B/R deluxe kit, large ■ smooth, comfortable fit ■ adjustable strap with dual-locking buckle ■ specify blue (B) or red (R) ■ keeps you buoyant and properly positioned ■ adjustable ■ specify blue (B) or red (R) 20-4010 B/R small (60-160 lbs) 20-4011 B/R medium (160-220 lbs) 20-4012 B/R large (220+ lbs) 20-4002 B/R swim belt 3 floats 20-4003 B/R swim belt 4 floats exercise kit kickboard noodle exerciser ■ high density foam with or without hand slots ■ designed for comfort and performance ■ specify blue (B) or red (R) classic 20-4101 B/R classic, no holes 20-4111 B/R deluxe, 2 holes deluxe ■ buoyant enough to hold 200 lb person ■ 2½" diameter x 58"L ■ bends and contorts with ease ■ colors vary 20-4220 exercise noodle - 1 ea 20-4220-32 exercise noodle - 32 ea 20-4220-96 exercise noodle - 96 ea Fabrication Enterprises Website Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 E-Mail 167

treatment tables Moveo XP table treatment furniture combines the benefits of traditional tilt table protocols with active exercise ■ hi-lo 20"-37" ■ 0°-30° gradual tilt ■ 3-70% body weight bearing ■ battery back-up ■ sliding pelvic section ■ fold away foot plates ■ exercise band attachment points ■ 100"L x 28"W x up to 37"H ■ 400 lb capacity ■ graystone upholstery only f 00-8080 Moveo XP table bariatric hi-lo tables 3-section hi-lo treatment table head section: 15" x 36" raises 45°, lowers 90° and has contoured face/nose opening opening center section: 22" x 36" does not raise foot section: 39" x 36" raises to 70° ■ 34 oz heavy-duty vinyl with Permablock 3 bacterial protection ■ 1¾" firm density foam top ■ footswitch control ■ 76"L x 36"W x 22"- 38"H ■ 800 lb capacity ■ specify color from chart below reclining position upright position f 15-1511 3-section table electric hi-lo steel mat platform table manual hi-lo steel mat platform table ■ electric hi-lo steel frame ■ 2" firm density foam top ■ 84"L x 48"W x 20"- 30"H ■ 900 lb capacity ■ specify color from chart below f 15-1554 electric hi-lo table ■ adjustable hi-lo steel frame with crank hydraulic ■ 2" firm density foam top ■ 84"L x 48"W x 20"- 30"H ■ 900 lb capacity ■ specify color from chart below f 15-1558 manual hi-lo table color options for all above dove imperial burgundy taupe forest black graystone blue merlot cappuccino patina gray blue green ridge (minimum advertised price applies) 168 Website Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 Fabrication Twitter Enterprises @ArabPT

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