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February Issue

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Corporate Fitness

Corporate Fitness Mindfulness at Work Reader's Interest • by deepak das Founder & Director - Tao power yog It means giving 100 percent to one's work. More often a person's mind is scattered in 100 directions, thoughts, though physically one is present and looks dedicated to his work but it may be otherwise internally. This is not mindfulness at work. The result will never be 100%. Mindfulness at work means you know exactly what the work demands from you, you know exactly what you are supposed to do- justice to your work. 16 Versatile | MARCH-CHAITRA 2018

Corporate Fitness So in order to achieve 100% result one needs to be mindful at work or in any sphere of life, it could be while eating, driving, playing or, studying. Mindfulness is applicable everywhere. Mindfulness work can also be called meditative work, in simple language it means work with full awareness, giving one’s 100% to work - physically, emotionally and spiritually. One needs to work with full spirit not just for attendance or salary as it is in most cases. When a person is mindful at work it shows grace. Each and every step will be graceful and more fruitful. For example : an athlete needs to give 100% during his performance (while training too), he needs to present himself 200% physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually. His mind should not be scattered in different directions, he should not be disturbed emotionally or mentally either. He has to be present in total. His only goal is to achieve what he is here for and it can't be achieved unless he is physically mentally emotionally and spiritually available, if any of these elements is missing things may go haywire. Mindfulness also means to be watchful about what is being done, more focused, aware and being at the present moment totally, means totally not even 1% less. Mindfulness at work means you know exactly what the work demands from you, you know exactly what you are supposed to do- justice to your work, be honest with it and for that you have to be honest with yourself first. Gather yourself completely and give your 100%. Let your mental physical emotional and spiritual level be in tune with each other and go ahead. Be aware of your surrounding awareness is the key to mindfulness. Presence of mind, awareness & passion for the job, leads to mindfulness at work. Any queries related to yoga and exercise? Master Deepak Das is all ears. Feel free to mail us your questions to: The answers to your queries will be published on the upcoming issue of Versatile. Versatile | MARCH-CHAITRA 2018 17

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