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February Issue

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Corporate Talkies Dr.

Corporate Talkies Dr. Bhola Rijal (Consultant Gynaecologist, Obstetrician and Literateur) Change? Why would I want to change anything in nature? We cannot change nature. Nature is god. As a spiritual seeker, I have worked with Swami Kaplieshwor Acharya to operate a health ashram at Muktinath. I am bringing this up is because anyone going there experiences the power of nature. The atmosphere is totally different there. Best place in the world. Ethereal. There is nothing I want to change. Dr. Om Murti Anil (MD, DM Cardiology (AIIMS, New Delhi) I would never change the color of anything natural. He says nature is 100% perfect and beautiful just the way it is. Trees being green, sky being blue and mountains having its white color is just perfect for me. Nikhil Uprety (Artist) Well, with me its other way round. I would not want to change the color because I admire nature as it is. In fact, I’d like to change my color and transform into one of the nature’s. Maybe, I would imitate sky for its magnificence. 62 Versatile | MARCH-CHAITRA 2018

Corporate Talkies GP Timalsena (Chairman Promoters Nepal) I’d change the color of sky into natural green. It would be great to have such a green canopy given the dirt and pollution we have. Sitaram Kattel (Artist) I’d choose to color the Terai, Pahad, Himal regions of our country with Red, Blue and, White. It would depict our nationality and invoke patriotism in us all. Shovit Basnet (Film Director) I’d change the sky into green. It brings peace. Saman Adhikari (EP, Ramailo TV) I would change the color of sky into pink maybe. I think that might break the monotony of the atmosphere we live in and inspire everyone to change. If you don’t like it, you might end up appreciating nature and be grateful. Sujit Thapa (Artist/ Presenter- Rmailo TV) I would change everything to green because of its proven benefits for eyesight and the zen vibes. It would be good from health perspective too. Bimee Maskey (Brand Officer, Dish Home) I don't want to change anything that is natural. Everything happens for a reason and changing the color of anything natural for a day is ruled out for me. It’s all about living the moments to the fullest. Nisha Bhatta (Student Entrepreneur) I would paint the sky in rainbow and giltters because that spreads happy vibes, revives childhood days and brings joy. Versatile | MARCH-CHAITRA 2018 63

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