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February Issue

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Men’s Fashion If you

Men’s Fashion If you enter MOJO Boutique Hotel and spot a powerfully-built young man in great clothes sporting a smile that could make your day, there, you saw one of the most handsome men in business today! Mr Dhakal is a corporate dreamboat who started his career back in 2017 as a manager of Ride Thru Pub & Bar. In a short span of time he rose to become the Managing Director of MOJO Boutique Hotel. Yes, that is quite a big leap given the time difference. However, our only concern for now is, how does he manage to stun us with his looks just about any time? So here we have nudged some fashion secrets off his wardrobe for you. The Business Hunk Manish Dhakal Managing Director MOJO Boutique Hotel 42 Versatile | MARCH-CHAITRA 2018

What is your fashion statement? It does not matter what you wear, new or old if it adds value to your personality. Can appearance affect one’s personality? I think a great deal because society judges you based on appearance too. From what you wear to how you express yourself, everything shows your character and attitude as a person. So a blend of good fashion sense, bright smile and positive attitude builds a great social image based on appearance. Your wardrobe mostly consists of? Tuxedo, Perfume, Casual wear (mostly Jeans, Shirt and Jorts), Sunglasses and Boots. What is the most comfortable wear? Jeans with Shirt and Boots. Fashion faux pas would be? Nothing particular. Any attire that is offensive and offers negative message for teenagers. Have you got tatoo(s)? Yes. Two. I had the first one two years back. It shows my devotion for Lord Shiva. I recently got another, and I have my love’s name on it. It was her birthday gift. If you had 5 minutes to dress up for a party, how would you do it? I would put on my favourite pair of shoes, jeans, a casual shirt and, watch. I would take two minutes to get dressed, one to tie up my shoes and two minutes to groom up. Your pick brands: Outfit: Armani, Levi’s, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Fossil, American Eagle, and Baseman Perfume: Zara Accessories: Beats Headphone Mobile Phone: iPhone What would you wear to: A meeting: Tuxedo, anything formal. A night out: Something casual and comfortable (shirt, jacket, boots) House party: Cargo shorts or Denim jorts, causal jeans and comfortable shoes. A casual day out: In summer, t-shirt, Jeans and Converse shoes. During winter, I’d add a jacket or maybe a blend coat on top of woolen shirt and a muffler. A date: Anything that makes me comfortable to a hospital: A simple Hoodie/ Sweatshirt and Jeans. My dream look is: Any Hugo Boss apparel look. Versatile | MARCH-CHAITRA 2018 43

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