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Doctor speaks Saving the

Doctor speaks Saving the Hearts Born in Mahottari district, Dr. Om Murti Anil became the the first Nepalese to acquire the superspeciality course of DM in cardiology from AIIMS, New Delhi (a prime institution of Asia). With a series of great experiences down the history, he stands as the Director of Division of Interventional Cardiology in Grande International Hospital and, the consultant cardiologist at Modern Heart Clinic in Maharajgunj. He is active on social media for public awareness on heart diseases, common diseases and, lifestyle. Also an author of “Ma Pani Doctor", an informative publication, Dr Murti is one of the leading cardiologists that we have in the sector. 22 Versatile | MARCH-CHAITRA 2018 Dr. Om Murti Anil MD, DM Cardiology (AIIMS, New Delhi) Director, Division of interventional cardiology Grande International Hospital, Nepal Consultant cardiologist, Heart Clinic

Doctor Speaks 1. What is the latest service/ technology that you have brought into practice. Though not new in national context, these days we have brought Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD)into practice for patients who have high risk of cardiac arrest in order prevent death from arrest itself. What are the opportunities and challenges in Nepal's healthcare sector in terms of business? Opportunities, these days health related issues have increased a lot due to sedentary lifestyle and eating habits and due to proper public awareness number of people seeking medical attentions have also increased significantly. So, if healthcare sectors provide good facility and wonderful services to the people seeking attention the business is going to do significantly well. But people of our country fear out of pocket payment, they don’t visit doctors unless some health issue arises. The practice of spending either no or very less money on health is still prevalent here which is a challenge. However, as people are getting aware and this is creating more opportunities rather than challenges to us. In what ways can government reform influence private health sector? Government has always been focusing on governmental sectors itself and creating very less influence of private sectors. But, plans to provide health insurance has created a private public partnership which is influential to private sectors as well. If government could manage to provide some facilities to private sectors regarding purchase of equipments and instruments it would be a great encouragement on private sector. What are the factors one should consider in social business? Social business is not only business it carries social responsibility with it as well. There are quite a lot factors that should be taken under consideration, If healthcare sectors provide good facility and wonderful services to the people seeking attention the business will do significantly well. as health care service is also a social business availability, suitability, reliability, cost effectiveness and patient need friendly services should are the major factors that needs be considered. Personal Tidbits Define your personality Simple and Kind. I am one of those who worship their profession and any dishonest to that is unbearable to him. What is your best memory as child? I remember my mother cooking for me and my having meals together and finishing even the curry meant for lunch in breakfast itself. What do you do at leisure? I love relaxing at home with family and I cook sometimes. Tell us about your recent family hangout It was about 6 months back when they had visited to Dehli for a conference but they could find enough time for shopping and spent a quality time together with family. Which brand do you prefer when it comes to: Attire: Van Heusen, Blackberry, Louis Philippe Gadget: Apple Ride: Volkswagen Perfume: Calvin and Boss What would be your message to the world? We all should try to make this world a better place to live in for our future generation for that spreading love and kindness towards each other is very important and at the same time we all should come together to preserve the beautiful nature we have. Describe a memorable case There are 100's of such memorable cases to me which were so important professionally and emotionally as well but his one case which is still fresh in my heart. One young boy was admitted in hospital for more than 3 months due to heart failure. He always said that he wanted to become a cardiologist like me. Despite of all efforts from me and my team he couldn’t survive death. I was so emotionally attached to him that I couldn’t even gather courage to visit him at the time of death declaration." Versatile | MARCH-CHAITRA 2018 23

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