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Tech World 5 Apps That

Tech World 5 Apps That Keep You Healthy In Office Hours We often talk about optimum utilization of resources, but we fail to apply the same thing on ourselves, just think how much productive you could be at your work (both personal and professional) if you could utilize your ability properly and get the most out of yourself. If you want to get fit with proper guidance and want to attain your level of healthiness and desired body structure then take a minute to add some healthy breaks in between your work’s to-do-list and if you fail to do so, there are these apps which will make sure that you won’t. Some of these apps are for Windows platform whereas most of them are for Android. 50 Versatile | MARCH-CHAITRA 2018

Tech World Pomodoro (Android) You are a very productive person but not knowing how much time you spent doing that particular task might help you to get off the track easily. The Pomodoro technique is a time management philosophy that aims to provide the user with maximum focus and for free flow of creative thoughts, thereby allowing them to complete faster with less mental fatigues. This application will help you to segment your total working hours in groups followed by small set of breaks. It is fully customizable so can use it from planning a small meet to analyzing financial statements which easily makes you lose the track of time. This is basically just a timer so you could find it online easily but with app, you will have the in-depth information about the time spent in a particular task and did you reach your goal or not. Foodeducate (Android) Foodeducate is an nutrition tracker app which keeps the track of the calories of the food you consume and helps to find out the nutritional facts of foods which you are not sure also with information about the calories it contains. This app teaches an individual to adapt with the healthy food and eat better. Knowing the nutritional facts about foods keeps you away from tasty poisons. In the changing industrial environment which already is doing a great work in deteriorating your health, don’t let the food you consume too add toxic things into your body and keep track of the things you consume with the super easy to use app with simple operating system. Prana Breath: Calm and Meditate (Android) We do breathe all the time but what was the last time you did it consciously? If you have been acquainted with meditation, then you would know how important breathing is. Agitation to meet deadlines makes us forget to breathe and makes the work even harder. If the app is used properly with consciousness, then it has many benefits like: reduced stress, promotes healthy sleep and decreases the frequency of cold, migraine and asthma attacks. This app will make sure to keep your mind focused and be in peace in this noisy world. Another merit of using this app is, it is 100% ads free which enhances the user experience. Water drink reminder (Android) Being hydrated helps your body for better flow of oxygen all over the body and while getting up to fetch water you might add some few steps more to your daily steps goal as well. The water drinking app will remind you to drink water on the basis of the information you provide like weight, height, age and gender. This app also keeps the track of the amount of water you drink during your work schedule or a whole day. The recorded data will provide a summarized information on how much your body has changed throughout the sessions. Eye Leo (WINDOWS) We have become inseparable with the technologies and with the daily advancement, the technologies have become portable enough to carry anywhere with us; which means longer screen time. The screen used in laptops, mobile phones and tablets are LED and LCD displays which emits blue light. Blue light is a harmful light if exposed to it for a longer time may cause permanent damage to the eyes. Eye Leo app reminds you frequently to re-focus and relax your eyes with various exercises and makes you feel refreshed. Unfortunately, Eye leo app currently is only on Windows and the Screen filter app can be used in android phones to dim the brightness of the screen which is available on the play store by the haxor industry developers. Just think how much productive you could be at your work if you could utilize your ability properly and get the most out of yourself. Versatile | MARCH-CHAITRA 2018 51

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