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LAYOUT CODES When ordering shutters, the layout code must nominate the hinge sides, stack direction or track placement, and post locations using the table below. The layout code must also match the panel quantity: HINGED PANELS L R T B C D BIFOLD PANELS L R BYPASS PANELS F M R Left side hinge Right side hinge T Post 135° Bay Post 90° Corner Post D Mould Panel Left stack Right stack Front Track Middle Track Rear Track 14

HINGED PANELS Panel widths must be ordered within specifications. Requests to waive warranty in an effort to order oversized panel widths will be rejected. Please note on OPUS polymer, panels greater than 500mm in width may require an assist and lift action when closing the hinged panel into its frame or recess. This is a normal function of the product due to the flexible nature of the extrusion. It is important to also pay attention to heights less than 300mm where frame and deductions may result in as little as 1 x louvre per panel. Outside mount is recommended in these situations to increase height and number of louvres. Panels can be hinged into shutter frame or the actual window recess using non-mortise hinges. In some cases panels can be mounted with magnets rather than hinges. No more than two panels can be hinged together as a bifold hinge layout and single panels in this configuration must not exceed specification. OPUS Bifold hinged panels use rabbet stiles whilst ENCORE use square or butt stiles. Example Layouts HINGED PANELS & T POSTS L R L-R L-R-T-L-R L-T-L-R-T-R 15

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