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HARDWARE OPUS POLYMER ENCORE INSIDE ENCORE OUTSIDE Non-Mortise Hinge Used for regular single hinged panels, non-mortise hinges are powdercoated to match shutter paint colour, and stainless steel as standard for ENCORE Outside. 76.2mm 80mm 80mm Rebate Hinge Used for bifold hinged panels with rabbet stiles, non-mortise hinges are powdercoated to match shutter paint colour. 80mm Not available Not available Pivot Hinge Stainless steel pivot hinges are mounted on top and bottom of panels (stiles) and allow panel to fold back against the wall. Not available Hinges are not rebated. Hinges are not rebated. Hinge Packers Hinge packers can be installed behind non-mortise hinges to make minor adjustments to the position of the hinge. 45mm Not available Not available Magnets & Striker Plates Bullet magnets are rebated into OPUS stiles and attached to a backplate for ENCORE. Round striker plates are standard or L shaped on request. Louvre Locks Louvre locks allow louvres to be secured in place at the fully closed and / or 40º position. More control in weather conditions or for the safety conscious. Not available 22

OPUS POLYMER ENCORE INSIDE ENCORE OUTSIDE Flyscreening Nylon fly screen and spline is attached to the rear of panels, mounted on angle. Extra charges apply. Not available Tilt rod can be attached front or rear, depending on your preference. Flush Bolts An optional extra, flush bolts are used to lock panels into place in the bottom track. Rebated into the bottom of the stile only, with 1 x lock per pair of panels. Silver only. Not available Hidden Drop Bolt An optional extra, drop bolts come with a star shaped key and the bolt is concealed within the stile. A small hole is drilled in the stile to insert the key. Perfect for coloured shutters. Not available Keyed Locks An optional extra, the keyed lock bolt is double ended, locking top & bottom. Locks cannot be keyed alike for multiple locks, you will need a locksmith to do this after. Not available 23

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