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TRACK BIFOLD PANELS Track bifold panels are top hung and run on wheel carriers in top and bottom track, with bottom guides in bottom track. Bifolds are supplied with or without box out boards depending on your requirements. Note that floor track is a requirement and any request for panels without floor track will be rejected. All tracks are clear anodised and supplied with high quality hardware. ENCORE Outside hardware is stainless steel by default. OPUS floor track is recessed in bottom boards and supplied loose as M track with double sided tape for no bottom board layouts. Stiles can be rabbet (default) or astragal (D mould) for OPUS and astragal (D mould) for ENCORE, to minimise light gap between panels. Note if using track bifolds as a room divider, you will need to order extra fascia for the rear. An even number of panels must stack in one direction with the end panel returning to the track. For example, 4 x panels could have 2 stacking each way or all 4 to one side. 6 x panels would need 4 stacking one way and 2 the other, or all 6 stacking to one side. We recommend a maximum of 6 x panels stacking in one direction to ensure a smooth operation. Track bifold panels do not fold back against the wall but stack at 90° into the room. The wider the panel, the more depth into the room they require when stacked open. Hinges are pre-fitted to all panels and supplied as rabbet hinges for OPUS and non-mortise hinges for ENCORE. By default, hinges are attached so that panels stack in toward the operator and the layout code refers to the stacking direction. If panels are required to fold away from the user, please request ‘reverse hinged’ in order notes. TRACK BIFOLD – Example Layouts L-L-L-L R-R-R-R 4 x panels folding to left 4 x panels folding to right L-L-R-R L-L-L-L-R-R-R-R 2 x panels folding to left, 2 x panels folding to right 4 x panels folding to left, 4 x panels folding to right 26

HARDWARE & OPTIONS OPUS POLYMER ENCORE INSIDE ENCORE OUTSIDE Track Bifold Box out board OPUS boards are made of polymer extrusion, ENCORE is 3mm thick, ribbed aluminium. Boards are optional for all sides. 115mm 19mm 28mm 28mm 115mm 115mm Fascia & Returns Inside Mount Inside Mount Inside Mount Supplied as standard for all bifolds plus returns for outside mount, OPUS fascia is polymer extrusion, whilst ENCORE is 3mm thick aluminium extrusion. 65mm Outside Mount 140mm 19mm 19mm 50mm Outside Mount 150mm 50mm Outside Mount 150mm Headboard Support Headboard bracket or angle is supplied as standard and attached above header board as extra support on outside mount installations. 102mm 40mm x 40mm 40mm x 40mm Top Track Clear anodised tracks are supplied attached to headboard for OPUS and ENCORE Inside, and loose for ENCORE Outside. 27mm 27mm 27mm 27mm 39mm 31mm Bottom Track Clear anodised tracks are supplied loose and taped to floor or bottom board with supplied high tack double sided tape. Recessed U track supplied by default for OPUS unless specified other. 14.6mm 24.4mm 8.6mm 7mm 19mm 11mm 30mm 12mm Wheel Carrier High quality wheel carriers run in the top track and connect each panel at the top plate. Top Pivot Pre-fitted to the panel, the top pivot and bracket holds the end panel in place in the top track. 27

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