7 months ago

2018-02-16 Chinese New Year

Secuwity Chief Cooper

Secuwity Chief Cooper Thanky yu, Lexi. Yu awlways wooks out fur eberypawdy. Audra Gednalske Can we keep him please Secuwity Chief Cooper Ai thinks dat if ai finds da momma n her says da yes, we shur cans, Ms. Audra. Dere awlways bes woom round heres. Audra Gednalske woohoo!! Yay Secuwity Chief Cooper Ai founded da momma n her say him n hims brudder can comes n pways here any times. Her eben gived mei da wist dere fabowite fuds, ;l-) Audra Gednalske Yippie... we all got a new fwiend Secuwity Chief Cooper Ai founded anuther one. Ai thinks it wook hungwy.

Pookie & Starlight Dragon noms kommin up... an da LOTS da noms, as dere seem ta be da hole familie kommin in! Secuwity Chief Cooper Yu neber knows who gonna shows up heres. Seem wike mowe n mowe findin da Bistro ebery day. The Dragon Gang Oh, thhe rellatiffzz haff komm ffur thhe partee! Secuwity Chief Cooper Gud weason tu haves da pawty, new fwiends.

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