9 months ago

2018-02-16 Chinese New Year

Janie Gove French toast

Janie Gove French toast please Wormhole Bistro Good mornin, Auntie Janie! da niez kup da kaffee gonna be rite heer fur ya! Da Frentsh toastie an Deb Hudspeth A very appy Chinese new year to all of you and all the dogs . Need to fortify for a meeting today, so I think I’ll have an english brekkie and of course milky Earl Grey. Thank you Wormhole Bistro Good mornin an da Happee Tshaineez Nyoo Yeer, Auntie Deb! Wun English brekkie plaet an da niez kup da milkie Earl Graee be on da waee! Lauren Spiridigliozzi Good morning! I will have the fritatta with Italian bread toast and hot tea please. Miss Priss would like the English breakfast plate with apple juice please

Wormhole Bistro Good mornin, Auntie Lauren an Miss Priss! Da fridatta wid Italyan bred toastie an da kup da hot tee, an wun English brekkie plaet wid da glass da appelz tshoozie gonna be rite heer fur ya! Lauren Spiridigliozzi Thank you, Starlie! Audra Gednalske Let me eat!! Looks delicious Wormhole Bistro Good mornin, Auntie Audra! Yawr brekkie wid da niez mug da kaffee be on da waee! Uz hope ya gonna hab da graet daee! Audra Gednalske Good morning Starlie, Thank you much Starlie Hope you have a fabulous Friday Wormhole Bistro Ya be wellkomm, Auntie Audra, an it shoor gonna be da graet daee heer agaeen! Audra Gednalske yes it is Starlie Susan Siefers May I have some of the fritatta please, with a coffee refill. HoneyBun would like some more kitty milk and a big plate with an assortment of whatever fishies you have this morning. Nicki Czalbowski Flick Lexi>Mornin Auntie Susan,I haz fer youse da nice fritatta wiff da coffee re-fill-fer HoneyBun da kitty milky wiff da plate ob assorted fishies right away Susan Siefers Thanks, Lexi. Nicki Czalbowski Flick lexi> you beeez welcome Auntie Susan..

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