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2018-02-16 Chinese New Year

The Brothers: Angel

The Brothers: Angel Shadow Man and Skitters In frums da outs sides comes da family awl laffin n chattin n dem goes n sits down ats dem's table ans Collin orders fur da family; can we habs da Fryed Twoll fur our puppy sisfurs ans fur awl ob us kittys da Fryed Shrimpie plates wiff 2 pitchers ob icy colds Nipsi Cola tu dwinks ans we hopie da Maw n Daddy n Jessie Gurl comes tu joins us tuday but we awl sews hopie da Buck ans da luberly Miss Oreo can comes n joins us tuday fur nowms Wormhole Bistro Wellkomm back in, furends! graet if Auntie Pat feel good enuff ta komm ofer agaeen! Oh, it wood be The Brothers: Angel Shadow Man and Skitters Dat it shurs wuds bes ib Maw/ Auntie Pat/ GMa comes come cuz we awl eben mew misses dem! Buck (Zooms over) Welkom bakk furendz. Mews awl looks refweshed. Iz has fur mew puppers da fryed twoll din din, fur awl da kittehs iz has da fryed shrimpie palates, tou pitchers da icy kold nipsy colas, an tou da samplur palates fur mez an Oreo to shoin mew awls. Iz hope moure peeples shoin uz. The Brothers: Angel Shadow Man and Skitters Skits gets up n pulls out da chair fur him's belubed Lady Miss Oreo Fank mews Buck ans we awl hopie dat too! Miss Oreo Dank mew my lub. Dawn Barela Hi Kiddos! ❤ May I have everything except the eggplant and fishie dishes with icy green tea? Wormhole Bistro Oh, wellkomm back, Auntie Dawn!

Dawn Barela Hi Starlie!! ❤ Buck (Zooms over) Hai der agin Auntie Dawn. Iz has fur mew da full noms menu wiff none da eggie pwant an fishy dishes, an da large icy gweens tee. Enshooy. Wormhole Bistro Endshoee yawr noms, Auntie Dawn! Dawn Barela Thank you Buck!! Dawn Barela Thanks Starlie!! ❤ ❤Everything is DELICIOUs! Would you please tell Oreo and the Guys that I said so? Buck Mew is bery welkom Auntie Dawn. HEY GUYS HER LUBS EBERYATING! Wormhole Bistro DANK YA!

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