7 months ago

2018-02-16 Chinese New Year

Dawn Barela Buck Mew is

Dawn Barela Buck Mew is ekstwemely welkom Auntie Dawn. Deb Hudspeth Good morning Buck, Oreo, Starlie, Pookie and Troubie. I think I’ll have French toasties with lots of powery sugar and lemon and some nice hot Milky Earl Grey. Hope you all have a lovely day. Buck (ZOOms over) Goud da mornin Auntie Deb. Da dae is awlways luberly heer. Mew has da goud one tou. Iz has fur mew da fwench toasties wiff lots da powdery sugarz an lemons, an sum da nize hot twoll milky Earl gray tee. Enshooy mewr meel! Lunca Susanna Dear furriends mamsi apologise for us not being there causre ob da lapitopi passed away ans she can only use da phone but weez be back asoon ebry thing is fine again weez hope you hab a wonnerful party lub ans kisses for eberpawdy Buck (Zooms over) Oh dearz. Wez will see mews soon. Wez sends awl owr lubs an kissez. Wez lubs mew Auntie Lunca, Misty, Sherya, an Freya. Wormhole Bistro Ooooh, uz hope dat laptop kan be saefd...! The Brothers: Angel Shadow Man and Skitters Outta da gym comes da 5 kittys, Feles, Dillon, Luke, Shad n Skits ans outta da pway room comes Bea, Charlie Gurl, Collin, Jessie Kitty, ans Randall as dem awl meets tu habs dem's Brekkie noms tugethers. Fur our exmcising guys can we habs 5 Nana Orange Smooothies, fur da puppys da Bakon Butties wiff extwa bakons ans Furrench Toasties fur da kittys ans eberypawdys grees on da Hot Cocoas tu dwinks purrlease? Buck (Zooms over) Hai der my fambily. Iz has fur da exersizin guys fibe da nana orange smoofies, fur da puppers iz has da bakon butties wiff da extra bakons awl hot an cwispy, an fur da kittehs iz has da fwench toasties wiff da budder an maply syrups, an da full round da hot cocoas wiff da whippy cweams on da tops. Oreo an iz is on da way to shoin mews awl as well.

The Brothers: Angel Shadow Man and Skitters Fank mews Buck ans may us awl says da we lubs mew sneakies tuday too as dem awl gibs him huggies ans Skits stands up n pulls out da chair fur him's Lady Lub Miss Oreo ans gibs her huggies n smooochies ans whispers in hear purrecious ear ob how bootifuls her lookie tuday as her bes sittin down Wormhole Bistro Hai, furends! tadaee? Hau be da Mommy an da Maw Miss Oreo (She hugs everyone and hugs and smooches Skits) Dank mew my lub. The Brothers: Angel Shadow Man and Skitters Starliem momma bes startin tu feels bedda ans sew due GMa Patstartin tu feels bedda too, fank mew fur askin Wormhole Bistro Oh, graet! Audra Gednalske Work it’s drivin me crazy Late but wil have kola until noms are being served Buck (Zooms voer) Oh, mew poor ting Auntie Audra. Iz has da nipsy cola fur mew, but iz kan gets mew summfin to eets tou. Da main noms be at bout annuder hour or soz. Wormhole Bistro Oooh, leen back an relaks fur da bit, Auntie Audra! Audra Gednalske thank you Buck.. I will sit and enjoy the kola Buck Mew is ekstwemely welkom Auntie Audra.

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