4 months ago

2018-02-16 Chinese New Year

Wormhole Bistro Hai,

Wormhole Bistro Hai, Oreo! fit ya purrfaktlee! Wow, dat apron look wunderfull, an it Miss Oreo Hai Starlie, Troubie, an Pookie. Dank mews kindly. Susan Siefers How lovely, Oreo. Miss Oreo Dank mew fur sayin so Auntie Susan. Dawn Barela Hi Miss Oreo!! That is a stunnung apron!! Nicki Czalbowski Flick Lexi> Fanks kids.. Wormhole Bistro Uz dank ya, Lexi-Girl! Buck Yeeh. Dank MEW Lexi. Audra Gednalske A plate of everything! I are HANGRY Wormhole Bistro Hai, Auntie Audra! agaeenst dat hangree! No worree, uz kan do sumding Buck (Zooms over) Hai Auntie Audra. Iz has just da ting to kalm dat hungry beest. Mol. Iz has fur mew da full noms menu, an one da large glasz da nipsi cola. Enshooy! Audra Gednalske Thank you Starlie Audra Gednalske thank you Buck I know that is going to be great

Buck Mew is extwemely welkom Auntie Audra. Jon Adams Hai Buck! And oreo Buck (Zooms over and gives him a manly paw shake) Hai der Dadee-in-law Jon. Miss Oreo Hai Unkie Jon. (She waves from the kitchen.) Nicki Czalbowski Flick Lexi heads to dressing room to hang up the apron & shoes-- trots out to Bistro to tells dem she on her way home--Byes ebbyone,Mommy,Caine & meez will be back fer des dindin noms. Wormhole Bistro Bai, Lexi-Girl, an hug da familie frum uz! laeta! See ya Dawn Widener Pratt Bye Lexi. Have a great day. Spread some love to yourself and your family from me and mine. Susan Siefers Bye, Lexi. Have a nice evening. Nicki Czalbowski Flick Jon Adams Bye lexi!! *waves paws* Pat Gancarski I think we need to order dinner kids. All of these kitties would like the deep fried shrimps and Nipsy Colas please Bea & Charlie Girl ~ We would like the Orange Chickie and Chickie Lo Mein and Nipsy Colas please. Jessie Gurl~ May I had the deep fried Shrimpies and Sprung rolls with a Nipsy Cola please. Unkie Doug~ I'd like the braised boneless Trout in hot chili's bean sauce, the deep fried shrimp and a large mug of beer please. Pat~ I'd like a bowl of the sweet soup with lotus seeds and persimmons the noodles and chili sauce, the Spring rolls, the deep fried shrimp and an Iced Tea with lemon please.

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