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Specifiers Journal 2016

Specifiers Journal 2016

The wide central

The wide central stairwell at the heart of HOME acts as an informal social space, connecting the different uses of the venue: theatre, cinema and gallery. It encourages visitors to use the stairs instead of the lifts as the main circulation route through the building. The bars on each floor and the restaurant are located in the areas in between, cleverly integrated into the characteristic stairwell. The restaurant on the first floor is an essential part of the integrated art and culture concept, where visitors can enjoy a pre-theatre meal or a glass of wine after work. By offering food and drinks at a number of locations, the different parts of the building can easily be used independently for events. The main theatre on the first floor contains 500 colourful seats across three levels. It is designed in a way that spectators are never more than 15 metres from the stage. The adjacent foyer serves as a multifunctional space that can also be used outside of theatre hours. The smaller 150-seat flexible studio theatre space is located on the second floor. The third floor houses the five top-of-the-range cinemas in a range of sizes allowing great flexibility in programming. The four metre-high flexible gallery space on the ground floor is designed to accommodate the most ambitious of contemporary visual art installations. Outstanding sound insulation prevents the railway noises from disturbing the operating theatres and cinemas and allows them to be used simultaneously. 108 SPECIFIERS JOURNAL

ICOM members support BIM with PDTs From the 4th April 2016, centrally-procured public construction projects have required the use of ‘Level 2 BIM’, setting the scene for wider use of Building Information Modelling in subsequent years. Product Data Templates are set to make a vital contribution. It is well accepted that, despite its major contribution to the UK economy, the construction industry has not achieved the same levels of efficiency as other major sectors. It is now recognised that the required improvements in productivity with a reduction in costs can be delivered through better use and integration of digital information. Building Information Modelling (BIM) will play a key role in this process by underpinning better communication and more effective data sharing. Compliance with BIM Level 2, as a minimum, requires fully collaborative 3D BIM with electronic project and asset information, documentation and data. Therefore, in order Integrated condensing hot water and heating for product data to support BIM Level 2 it needs to be available in appropriate and consistent formats. Historically, however, the presentation and content of product data in the construction industry has varied considerably between manufacturers. The need for greater consistency is being addressed through the creation of Product Data Templates (PDTs), in an initiative developed by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) and now being adopted by a number of other professional bodies. “With product data underpinning many of our processes, the PDTs provide a consistent and reliable format for manufacturers to share product data for use throughout Ross Anderson, Director of the Industrial & Commercial Energy Association (ICOM). the life-cycle of a project and the resultant asset.,” says Carl Collins, consultant to CIBSE. Joanna Houldridge of Ideal Boilers adds: “BIM has allowed Ideal to standardise our boiler 3D CAD models and technical descriptions for ease of use by customers involved in building projects. For the construction industry as a whole, BIM reduces time, cost and project risks by bringing 3D CAD models and technical descriptions together in a shared model.” Richard Davies of Bosch Commercial and Industrial Heating believes that BIM offers other opportunities in the future: “The ability to use BIM as a design tool to predict system function/performance, for scheduling and budgeting maintenance and replacement, and as a budgeting tool are all interesting future possibilities.” SPECIFIERS JOURNAL 109

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