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Fah Thai Magazine Sep-Oct 2018


OVERTURES THAILAND TREASURES Clockwise from Top Kayaking, one of the most popular activities on Koh Kood. Traditional woven hats made from palm leaves and bamboo called “Ngob Nam Chiao”. Huay Raeng Sub-district Ecotourism Group. These community-based tourism initiatives are outstanding places to learn how to live harmoniously with different cultures and beliefs and with nature. Ban Nam Chiao Ecotourism Group is a multicultural community where Buddhists, Muslims and Thai- Chinese groups live happily together with everyone respecting the different cultures and religious beliefs. Ban Nam Chiao community is proud of its famous handicraft “Ngob Nam Chiao”, traditional woven hats made from palm leaves and bamboo in the shape of a wok pan. Blessed with an abundant ecosystem, the Huay Raeng community dwells in the heart of major diversity with sources of fresh water, brackish water and brine. The seasonal tides give the shoreside plantations plenty of nourishment, making it fruitful all year round. The community is also well-known for its folk wisdom learning and sharing. By relying on their knowledge, the strongbonded community live harmoniously with nature. Villagers grow vegetables and fruits, catch giant freshwater prawn, make rice wrapped in betel nut bract as an eco-friendly lunchbox instead of using plastic containers or plastic bags while artisan soap is made from mangosteen rind. For more information, contact Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Trat office at +66 (0) 39 597 259-60 or the Visitor Information Centre 1672. 28