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Fah Thai Magazine Nov-Dec 2018


OVERTURES BEAUTY AND HEALTH WORDS PASSAKORN HONGTHONG STYLING SARANYA ARIYAKUL PHOTO SANTIPONG CHOOCHAROEN SPOTLIGHT Having Faith in the Old Ways Oils, balms, ointments and powders have always been part of the Thai medicine cabinet and beauty arsenal. No Thai ever leaves home without a small tin of Tiger Balm and now the secret’s out as the round containers can be found on retail shelves outside of the country. Essentially packed with Thai wisdom through the decades and local herbs with the power to soothe and improve, here’s a rundown on unusual products and packaging you were curious about but were afraid to ask! PRICKLY HEAT COOLING POWDER CLASSIC 140G FROM SNAKE BRAND (33 Baht) Essential in a humid summer, this original cooling, refreshing and soothing powder is effective in relieving itching due to a prickly heat rash or skin irritations from the hot weather. Apply after a bath as an antiseptic and absorbent dusting powder with the guarantee to make you feel fresh and relaxed. Suitable for daily use for the whole family. HERBAL TALCUM POWDER 60G FROM YOKI (30 Baht) The talcum powder continues to offer soothing properties using the traditional features of absorbing oil and sweat to prevent acne and blemishes. It’s relief for itchiness, rashes as well as minor skin irritations, good for your face and body. BOTANICAL GREEN SOAP & REFRESHING FLORAL FRAGRANCE 60G FROM PARROT (20 Baht) Distinctive for its parrot image and green paper packaging, this Thai naturally floral-scented soap offers thorough cleansing and a long-lasting fragrance on the skin. A bonus to its lingering scent is also a refreshing feeling during and after use. Easy to rinse off and suitable for all skin types. RED OINTMENT 30G FROM TIGER BALM (95 Baht) This warmer variation of the classic Tiger Balm muscle pain relief ointment is ideal for soothing muscular aches and pains. The ointment offers quicker relief by working fast to soothe itches from insect bites as well. THAI MEDICATED BALM 8G FROM WHITE MONKEY HOLDING PEACH (20 Baht) Contains several traditional Chinese herbs providing effective relief of physical pains and discomfort including minor backaches, sprains, strains, insect bites, headaches, motion sickness, hangover and nasal congestion. STOCKISTS EATHAI LGF Central Embassy Tel +66 (0) 2160 5995 GLOBAL WORLD WIDE HERB SHOP 24 Section 34/1 Chatuchak Market Tel +66 (0) 817 92 8579 Thailand Beauties Thailand’s home-grown beauty brands are gaining international recognition, and you shouldn’t miss out. If a nourishing herbal face mask on a lazy Sunday afternoon sounds appealing or simply getting that fresh feeling after a long day of work, these are local beauty and health brands to find in Thailand. Get these uniquelydesigned souvenirs for your friends and family. NATURE THAI HERBAL TOOTH POWDER 40G FROM THIPNIYOM (10 Baht) The original Thai herbal tooth powder for clean gums and teeth. Reduces plaque, tobacco and coffee stains. Keep your breath fresh and clean with the natural herb extracts. HERBAL TOOTHPASTE THAI HERBS ORIGINAL TASTE 30G FROM TEPTHAI (105 Baht) A concentrated herbal toothpaste for your healthy oral hygiene. Of high quality, use minimally, just the size of a small green bean seed is effective enough. POWDER LOTION COOLING, FRESH & AROMATIC 80ML FROM MONG LEYA (27 Baht) This liquid talc has a pleasant aroma and is usually used as cooling powder and skin tonic to help keep you cool, reducing itchy and rashes. Just pour on your palms and gently slap its refreshing coolness on your face and body. BALM 2G FROM GOLDEN CUP (6 Baht) Made from all organic materials from northern Thailand’s mountains, works to relieve discomfort, aches and pains. Used for help with muscle pain and strain, rheumatic pains, sprains while providing relief for burns and scalded skin, itches and insect bites. Effective as a nasal decongestant and works well for massages. BLACK COLOUR CREAM-TONE OIL SHAMPOO TINT 12ML FROM AUDACE (52 Baht) Long lasting, washes away grey and leaves black hair shiny, beautiful and naturally soft and supple. FACIAL SCRUB 5G FROM SUPAPORN (24 Baht) Supaporn Facial Scrub removes dead skin cells whilst rejuvenating facial skin, without irritating skin surface. Experience smoothness, radiance, and healthy skin. PEARL CREAM GOLD EDITION 3G FROM KUAN IM (15 Baht) Tackle facial wrinkles from a cream with genuine crushed pearls and natural extracts to reduce acne scars, melasma, aging, spots and suitable for all skin types. COOLING POWDER NATURAL TALCUM MADAM AROMA 200G FROM BHAESAJ (35 Baht) Natural talcum powder, combined with perfume oils from France. Camilla Aroma provides a sweet and fragrance from aromatic barks, blended with sweet blossoms. It refreshes and cools your skin with menthol, with calamine mixed in to prevent or alleviate rashes, prickly heat and itches. JASMINE PERFUME BODY TALCUM POWDER 200G FROM SPRING SONG (19 Baht) A vintage, classic scent of jasmine in a body powder that’s been around for more than a 100 years. Provides a natural & relaxing jasmine scent throughout your day. ALL-IN-ONE WHITENING OIL CONTROL POWDER PERFECT FOR OILY SKIN 10G FROM SRICHAND (280 Baht) Srichand translucent powder is perfect for oily skin and helps clear the face. Banish acne, pimples with their whitening mask and oil control properties. Tips STOCKISTS BIG C SUPERCENTER Ratchadamri Tel +66 (0) 2250 4888 Rama 4 Tel +66 (0) 2661 5580 GLOBAL WORLD WIDE HERB SHOP 24 Section 34/1 Chatuchak Market Tel +66 (0) 81 792 8579 TESCO LOTUS Rama 4 Tel +66 (0) 2672 8585 Try these effective Thai traditional remedies and secrets to feel contentment in time wellspent taking care of yourself. Turmeric – Turmeric is used as a great facial scrub. To make this face scrub, take some turmeric powder then add a little water and blend well. Spread all over your face with the paste and gently rub for four minutes before rinsing off. Coconut Oil – Both used in Thai food and for its beautifying properties since coconut oil is a great ingredient. This oil is used as a great multipurpose product for hair, face and body since it’s considered as one of the safest oils. Tamarind – Tamarind is a popular ingredient in Thailand that’s high in minerals and vitamins, bringing great benefits in the beauty care. Thai Massage – Massages are also one of the best beauty secrets of Thai women. Massages flush out toxins from the body and soothe aching muscles as well. The principles of Thai massage give an overall wellbeing body and soothing the soul. 22 23