Sheep magazine Archive 2: issues 10-17


Lefty online magazine: issue 10, May 2016 to issue 17, November 2016

Then, the only option that blinkered, narrow-minded public sector

grandees and local authority decision-makers can see in times of budget

cuts is tendering out, or selling off, services to cheap private providers.

Those private services are impersonal, profit driven, fat cats in the driving

seat, using workers who are low paid, intimidated, often forced to be

complicit in rule-bending for the sake of keeping their job, and generally

being denied trade union representation.


We Own It should be arguing for public authorities to clip the wings

of their high flyers and to honestly explain to the public the true costs

of services, which in many cases we already own, before considering

anything else. Whatever a service actually costs – paying a proper living

wage, with job security, safety considered, reasonable hours – tell us, the

public, we can take it … Like all social/community costs, if they need to

be paid and are demonstrably fair and open, we have to pay them!

The truth is, up until the second world war, for most of us, the UK’s history

was one of serfdom, wage slave, slums, long hours, children workers,

dangerous conditions, misery and wasted lives … and all that fucking

upstairs downstairs nonsense. After the war a progressive Labour Party

introduced the Welfare State, nationalised things like the mines, the

railways, waterworks, gas and electricity suppliers … all brought into

public ownership … We Owned It!

Since then successive governments, criminally accelerated by Thatcher’s

anti-working class zeal, have, at the bequest of pillagers, privateers and

pirates, chipped away at that magnificent egalitarian statement of ‘for the

good of all’, allowing and encouraging dodgy characters to sow seeds of


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