Sheep magazine Archive 2: issues 10-17


Lefty online magazine: issue 10, May 2016 to issue 17, November 2016


HSBC also has a controlling stake in many

Private Finance Initiatives (PFI) schemes,

and even owns PFI hospitals outright. HSBC

was caught red-handed laundering money

for Mexican drug cartels, organisations

linked to Al-Qaeda, Russian gangsters and

sanctions busting. Yet HSBC is also profiting

from the dismantling of healthcare.

The Treasury building upgrade is a Private

Finance Initiatives (PFI) scheme, and HMRC

is renting offices from a company registered

in an offshore tax haven thanks to a Private

Finance Initiatives (PFI) scheme. You really

couldn’t make this stuff up. In fact, publicprivate

partnerships have even been

exported globally including to Iraq and

Libya. Private Finance Initiatives (PFI) has

been such a roaring success that George

Osborne was rolling out Private Finance

Initiatives 2, the blockbuster sequel, before

he got the chop.


Artwork: Thomas Nast

Some smaller hospitals have already been

able to buy their way out of Private Finance

Initiatives (PFI), and there are multiple

precedents for taking services back into

public hands when the private sector fails.

So it’s time for the Private Finance

Initiatives (PFI) debt to be cancelled

and the introduction of a future policy

of financing public infrastructure



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