Sheep magazine Archive 2: issues 10-17


Lefty online magazine: issue 10, May 2016 to issue 17, November 2016

mechanisms for self-expression will have to be created. If there are whites

who don’t like this, they had better go and find what they want elsewhere.

In the long run, South Africa has a great future for all of us provided

whites are willing to educate, qualify and recognise the non-whites …

so that they may walk side by side into the dawn that has broken over

Africa, a dawn which in South Africa will not turn again to darkness.”

The vicious state reaction had an immediate, chilling, impact. Freelance

photographer Alf Kumalo had handed me a stunning, but politicallyprovocative,

photograph that no other publication had dared print as

the townships blazed during the fragile days after June 16. I had already

placed this image – showing the bodies of two dead Africans lying in

front of a ‘hippo,’ an armoured combat vehicle extensively used by the

security forces in black townships – as a double-page spread in the early

pages of the September issue.


After the banning, I killed the feature, but held on to the photo for several

months, before splashing it across two pages to open Drum’s January,

1977 photographic round-up of the year, under the heading, Year of

The Hippo. Then we held our breath, hoping it would slide past the

government’s unpredictably censorious gaze. Fortunately, it did …

from ColdType, June 2016

Read more, see more photographs … some of this article is an edited

The South African state’s reaction to the next, August, issue amazed

us all: it was judged to be so inflammatory that the government didn’t

just follow its usual practice and ban the issue from sale, but made

possession of it a criminal offence.

mid-June 2016

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