Sheep magazine Archive 2: issues 10-17


Lefty online magazine: issue 10, May 2016 to issue 17, November 2016

Artwork: Alan Rutherford

Socialist Worker

Letters Page

Dear comrade editor

As a once active member and now long time supporter I note with some

dismay Socialist Worker trotting out the same old ‘EU is a bosses club and

cannot be reformed’ with mention of unelected bureaucrats to ram home your

partisan LEAVE message and ... to all intents and purposes for everyone to see

… share that flatulent argument and a putrid-smelling platform with UKIP and

other assorted bigots.

The EU is a bosses club, this we know, I have no illusions about the EU, but

also have absolutely no illusions in the uk parliament, its voting system, or its

unelected second chamber - the exclusive, up-your-arse house of lords (no

capitals required!). This referendum is a distraction, since when have our government,

and their paymasters (big business) allowed the citizenry to decide on

anything supposedly this important? Either way the vote goes - they don’t give

a shit - they believe ‘they’ will still be in the saddle!

As internationalists we should be promoting joint cross-border worker action

to break down big companies ability to play worker against worker by shifting

work and money about the EU (and the world) for their profit-margins, arguing

for active support of French strikers … this we can do better within the EU. To

break the stranglehold the EU rightwing have on the rights and movement of

migrants/refugees/immigrants, and deliver on Socialist Workers’ ‘They are all

welcome’ message, we should be appealing to cross-border action, not proposing

we side with those who want to skulk in an off-shore walled-up island

patrolled by peak-capped border guards. We need to be in Europe arguing for

no borders.

We should be (and are) for the overthrow of ALL ‘bosses clubs’!

Alan Rutherford

ex-Cheltenham SWP


mid-June 2016

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