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The Big

Trend of

Going Small

One size and one shape definitely does

not fit all. One weekend recently, I

had the pleasure of joining a tour of

architectural homes which championed

the principles of energy awareness

and conservation, amongst other

things. Style over size was evident

amongst all the individual and specific

architectural signatures, as was the

variation of spatial configurations,

and this has caused me to reflect on

the increasing popularity of smaller

properties and the acceptance of

different ways of doing things.

Firstly, size. Not small, as in ‘let’s fit your entire

life into a caravan’, but small as in compact,

thoughtful and clever, is enjoying an increase in

popularity throughout our region. The restraint

required to ‘live smaller’ would be too much for

me and it’s no secret that I have a maximalist

rather than a minimalist approach, but I can

definitely appreciate why this trend is gaining

momentum nationally and internationally.

Millennials wanting a chance to get onto the

property ladder are considering alternatives

to the types of properties their parents might

have started with, and size features strongly

in this equation, whilst retirees are wanting to

turn things on their head and look to a similar

lifestyle and property, but smaller, having been

there and done that.

One of the reasons for considering a smaller

dwelling is obvious: energy efficiency. A

smaller house should be easier to heat, and this

flows directly on to a reduced cost. A smaller

ecological footprint, helping both your pocket

and our planet. Solar-powered options feature,

as do passive heating methods based around

a house’s orientation and construction. Excess

materials, color choices and furniture are all

pared back, and clever storage options become


The other notable element in choosing to live

like this is that your community and your city

surroundings take on a whole new meaning, and

with ‘intimate’ (my word for ‘tiny’!) garden spaces,

you can see the merit in this. The park next-door

acts as your garden and the city, your backyard –

and potentially a scooter replaces your car.

For me, it seems like the easiest time to make

a decision to commit to this lifestyle would be

when you first start out and don’t have much

or later when you have so much that you think,

‘I now want less’. That middle period with kids,

cars, bikes and all the other stuff that comes

with life would make it too hard for some, but

as the tour I’ve referred to has taught me, not

everyone feels this way. Therein lies the beauty

of the times we live in and the choices we have.

One size certainly doesn’t fit all – nor is it

expected too – and it just so happens that

there are architects, builders, developers and

designers thinking the same way. It makes for an

engaging and interesting era.

Lynette McFadden




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