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toral research and stressed the

role of ANE royal ideology as the

background for rightly reading

the Song of Songs as a Solomonic


Two Neutestamentler also made

presentations. Anthony Giambrone,

OP, delivered a paper in the

Historical Jesus section, where the

discussion this year focused upon

historiography of the so-called

“Third Quest”. His talk was entitled

‘Die größte Tat der deutschen

Theologie’: Schweitzer, Lagrange,

and the German Roots of Historical

Jesus Research and, together

with the other presentations, it

will be published in a special issue

of the Journal for the Study of the

Historical Jesus. Gregory Tatum,

OP, in his turn, made an energizing

and substantial presentation as the

centerpiece of a special, ecumenical

panel sponsored by the École.

Playing on the 500 th anniversary

of the Reformation, Fr. Tatum’s

paper offered A Participationist

Eschatological Reading of Justification

in Galatians, Philippians,

and Romans. Douglas Campell of

Duke University and Mark Elliot

of St. Andrew’s in Scottland were

the invited respondents. The timely

topic clearly struck a chord,

since the room was too small to

hold the large number of eager listeners.

Another special event, a “Fireside

Chat”, was organized one evening

around Émile Puech, who was an

invited guest of Prof. Bernd Schipper

and the meeting organizers.

The lovely room in the faculty

of theology building was filled to

capacity and all enjoyed the delightful

and interesting interview,

at once personal and professional,

which honored Fr. Puech’s long

and illustrious career as a scholar

of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Dennis Halft, OP, finally, a friar

of the Province of Teutonia,

who is offering lectures and living

at the École this year, also

made a very erudite presentation,

The Roman Arabic Vulgate in

17th-Century Persia: Some Notes

on the Cross-Cultural Effects of

the First Edition of the Gospels

in Arabic Translation. The paper

explored the biblical sources used

by Twelver Shiite scholars in Safavid

Iran and was delivered in the

EABS section The Bible in Arabic

in Judaism, Christianity, Islam.

The impressive diversity in methodologies

and fields of research,

the creativity and high quality

of all the various presentations

offer an encouraging sign of the

vitality and balance of biblical

research at the École. From an

honored professor emeritus to a

newly minted doctor, from three

regular professors to a visiting

lecturer completing a post-doc

project, the signs of a robust intellectual

community were on admirable

display in Berlin.

In November, the École was once

more represented at the SBL Annual

Meeting in Boston, which

hosted more than 1,200 academic

sessions over the course of four

days. Frs. Olivier-Thomas Venard,

Gregory Tatum, and Lukasz

Popko offered various presentations

and the massive exposition

of bible books and software provided

an occasion for the brothers

working on the Bible in its

Traditions project to celebrate the

publication of Hosea, the first biblical

book entirely annotated on

the BEST model. Encounters with

potential contributors and a large

number of former students and

friends from all over the world

were made possible thanks to the

hospitality of Peeters, who put a

special, well-placed stand at the

disposal of the EBAF. The meetings

in both Boston and Berlin

allowed the École to make an excellent

impression and advance its

international reputation.

Fr. Anthony Giambrone, OP

Lecturer at the École biblique


Lettre aux amis de l’ÉBAF - N° 95 - Pâques 2018

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