Das Magazin für Bildung und Karriere im Ausland - Itchy-feet


Das Magazin für Bildung und Karriere im Ausland - Itchy-feet

Canada — an Adventure in Learning

Canada has emerged as a leading study abroad destination

for students around the world due to its high standard of

education, spectacular natural environment, and welcoming

multicultural society. When selecting a study destination,

students consider not only educational facilities and value,

but also quality of life, the potential for adventure and fun,

safety and social interactions, and cost of living. In all respects,

Canada is a brilliant choice: its educational standards are toprate,

and its natural beauty and open, safe society combine

for an incredible experience of study abroad. Canadians place

great importance on learning, with educational spending (as a

percentage of GDP) above the OECD average, and second highest

among G8 countries. The diplomas and degrees offered by

Canadian universities are recognized and respected worldwide,

and graduates benefi t both from the excellent reputation

of Canadian education programs as well as the international

perspective that is increasingly present at all levels of the

Canadian curriculum. But that’s not all Canada offers. For more

than a decade, a United Nations survey has found that Canada

ranks among the top places in the world to live. Education,

high life expectancy (due to the universal health care system),

and low crime rates are among the key reasons. Furthermore,

Canadians enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the

world. A country of diverse geography and natural wonders,

Canada is also a society of immigrants. Different religions,

worldviews, and cultures are respected — and refl ected in a

wide range of ethnic cuisines and festivals, as well as clubs and

associations representing all kinds of backgrounds. International

students benefi t from a context of diversity and global outlook.

With all these advantages, you might think Canada would be an

expensive country to study in. Not so. Compared to the U.S.,

the U.K., or Australia, Canada is affordable — sometimes 20–40%

less costly than pursuing an education in these other countries.

A tradition of publicly funded education, and a “cost recovery”

(instead of market-based) approach to setting international

tuition rates are just two reasons for this.

Beautiful British Columbia

British Columbia — Canada’s westernmost province — is home to

some of Canada’s leading universities and colleges, and is known

the world over for its natural beauty. From the lush rainforests

and islands of the coastal areas to the open spaces, lakes, and

rivers of the interior and northern regions, to the snow-capped

Rocky Mountains, British Columbia is spectacular, making it a

leading international destination for students and tourists from

around the world. Students in BC complement their studies with

hiking, skiing, camping, golfi ng, fi shing, whitewater rafting,

biking, wildlife viewing, and many other activities — often

Studium – 49

throughout the year and close to campus, since British Columbia

has perhaps the mildest, most accommodating climate in Canada.

From accounting to tourism management, international students

can choose from many different and exciting programs offered

by institutions in British Columbia. No matter what age or level

of study you’re at, British Columbia offers many educational

opportunities, including cultural and recreational programs

as well as English-language studies. All that, and skiing, snowboarding,

or hiking right at your doorstep!

Where the University Meets the World

British Columbia’s colleges and universities have a long history

of welcoming international students, and the province’s newest

university — Thompson Rivers University (TRU) — is currently

home to more than 800 students from 50 countries. Based in

the City of Kamloops, TRU offers a wide choice of programs and

services. International students will discover an inspirational

learning environment at TRU. More than that, they’ll fi nd

adventure, beauty, and unlimited, accessible leisure activities as

they experience one of the most incredible places in the world.

Please visit www.truworld.ca to learn more about TRU and

British Columbia.

Christopher Gas, Marketing Manager of TRU World

Thompson Rivers University.

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