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DoDI 5000.02, January 7,

DoDI 5000.02, January 7, 2015 3. Figures and brief descriptions are provided for each model. The figures illustrate the typical sequence of events and activities. A dotted diagonal line and color blending imply overlapping activities. Change 2, 02/02/2017 10

DoDI 5000.02, January 7, 2015 (b) Model 1: Hardware Intensive Program. Figure 3 is a model of a hardware intensive development program such as a major weapons platform. This is the classic model that has existed in some form in all previous editions of this instruction. It is the starting point for most military weapon systems; however, these products almost always contain software development resulting in some form of Hybrid Model A (paragraph 5c(3)(f)1 describes Hybrid Model A). Figure 3. Model 1: Hardware Intensive Program CDD Validation Materiel Development Decision Development RFP Release Decision Full Rate Production (FRP) Decision Initial Operational Capability (IOC) Full Operational Capability (FOC) A B C LRIP Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) Sustainment Disposal Materiel Solution Analysis Technology Maturation & Risk Reduction Engineering & Manufacturing Development Production & Deployment Operations & Support Legend: = Milestone Decision = Decision Point Change 2, 02/02/2017 11

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