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Glossary Application On-call duty Base Change An application is an EPM application. An on-call duty defines the disponibility of a consultant, out of his working hours (from 9 AM to 6 PM) and out of working days (according to the french laws). A database is ian ndependent data unit that can be managed / administered independently from other units. Add, edit or delete anything that may have an effect on IT services and/or the application. The scope must include any change of architecture, processes, tools, metrix and documentation, as well as changes to IT services and other configured items. Major incident A major incident results in a total loss of services or generates a problem requiring a shutdown of business operations. Major incidents cause a shutdown of services longer than 4 hours.The major incidents impact all users. The major incidents disrupt / modify one or more business processes with an impact on the management of a company. The following events must be considered as major incidents: - Global loss of access to one or more applications more than 4 hours; - Business Data Loss, requiring a data restoration; Minor incident A minor incident has an limited impact, or a limited duration time. It leads to a partial loss of services (does not affect all users), or generates a problem causing a limited interruption to business operations. The minor incidents cause a difficulty, which can be workaround by the business team. The following events are considered as minor incidents: - Loss of an administration module, without impact on all users; - Loss of services less than 4 hours; Service level White period Red period Problem Server The service level is the Smarthys commitment regarding the realization and execution time. The white periods are reporting periods. The red periods are closing periods. They require a total and optimal availability of the application. A problem is the root cause of one or several incidents. This cause may not be known at the moment of the problem registration, and the process of Problem Management is then responsible of further investigations. A server is a unit of the technical application architecture (which can be virtual or physical) Copyright © 2012 Smarthys. All rights reserved

1 - USER SUPPORT This level includes all operations carried out with EPM users. The objectives of level 1 support is to optimize user efficiency on complex software. This support involves: - User trainings; - An assistance on possible use issues; - A reactivity in tickets management and processing ; The key factors are: - Capitalization and experience acquired by Smarthys on these tools; - A easy and quick access to the support; - An effective qualification of tickets; Here is an example of ticket qualification process. EPM use issue Open a support ticket Users Qualification ticket request with user Which kind of request is it? Product anomaly Is it a general anomaly ? No Is there a known solution ? Yes Request linked Yes No Explanation and resolution of the request with user Ticket requalification Investigations Apply solution Incident management procedure Is there a need for training ? Is there a solution ? Yesi Creation a support documentation Yes No Are the checks conclusive ? No Procedure of training management Problem management procedure Yes Ticket closure Smarthys Copyright © 2012 Smarthys. All rights reserved

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