Building automation – impact on energy efficiency - Siemens ...

Building automation – impact on energy efficiency - Siemens ...

The consequences include an increase in storm winds and storms, damage to

crops and forests, an increase in the sea level as well as mudslides, droughts and

erosions – so for example, hurricane Katrina (New Orleans):

The Climate Change Report 2007 by the United Nations is calling for global action.

2.2 Primary energy consumption in Europe

ong>Buildingong>s account for 41% of primary energy consumption.

Of which 85% is used for room heating and room

cooling as well as 15% for electrical energy

(in particular, for lighting).

Overall, buildings account for 35% of primary

energy use to achieve comfortable temperatures

and 6% for electrical energy. That amounts

to a significant portion.


28 %


31 %


41 %

2.3 Turning the tide – a long-term process

Europe has developed visions for a low-energy future and is intensely searching

for ways to implement the visions:

Vision for the future

We want to find ways to continue enjoying our lives in reasonable comfort, but using

less energy, and with fewer CO 2 and greenhouse emissions than today.

The scenario "Paths toward a 2,000 watt society" as part of Swiss energy policies

pursues goals that are similar to current efforts at the EU level.


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