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linear: y = -0.5372x +

linear: y = -0.5372x + 12.028 R 2 = 0.4493 exponential: y = 14.445e -0.104x R 2 = 0.5502 Figure 12. Total annual area occupied by overwintering butterflies in Mexico from 1994 through 2013, with linear (upper line) and exponential (lower line) regression analyses. The significant decline charted by Brower et al. (2012a, Fig. 1) through 2010-11 continues through 2013-14. Monarch ESA Petition 38

Figure 13. Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count Data 1997-2013. From Monroe et al. 2014 An analysis of the 17 western monarch overwintering sites that have been monitored every year shows that there has been a statistically significant population decline (Griffiths and Villablanca in preparation). There is evidence that a range contraction has also occurred, with significantly more sites declining at the southern and northern extremes of the monarch’s winter range (Griffiths and Villablanca in preparation). Monarch ESA Petition 39

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