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Fah Thai Magazine Jan-Feb 2017


HAPPENINGS THAILAND CHIANG MAI / chiang rai / mae hong son SPOTLIGHT Time for Tea For half a century, Choui Fong Tea has been well-known for the top quality of its traditional teas which are cultivated in its own gardens in Chiang Rai. The region is regarded as the agricultural centre of the Kingdom of Thailand. Choui Fong Tea grows several distinctive types of tea and produces assam, green, oolong and black teas in the highlands at 1,200 metres above sea level. There, the ideal climate and soil conditions permit the cultivation of excellent teas. A visit to the plantation provides an excellent way to discover the stunning scenery of Chiang Rai province and also a chance to sample and purchase some wonderful brews. Moroccan Romantic If you and your loved one are into Morocco yet have not had a chance to visit, here’s a place that gets you close enough to the country to make some memories. Sheik Istana, a luxury hotel in Chiang Mai, whose design was inspired by Moroccan architecture, sits on the bank of the Ping river which runs through the city. You can dine in the romantic atmosphere surrounded by Moroccan gardens at the restaurant terrace overlooking the Ping river. Also take in the stunning scene of Wat Chedi Liam, one of the ancient temples in Wiang Kum Kam, a view that can also be enjoyed from your guestroom terrace. An added plus: from New Year’s Eve until the end of February, get a 50 per cent discount for the second night., +66 (0) 53 273 142, +66 (0) 89 851 2929 In Coffee We Trust We now have more good reasons to enjoy our morning coffee, and with help from Dhepprathan Coffee. A morning cup of coffee or tea may do more than just perk you up. Some studies say that caffeine acts as an antioxidant and helps prevent the damaging effects of free radicals that have been linked to heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Dhepprathan’s coffee beans are sourced from an organic, family-owned plantation in the Sob Moei District of Mae Hong Son in Northern Thailand. This means that this fine Arabica coffee plant is grown at 1,035 to 1,250 metres above sea level. Its high-quality medium to dark roast beans give a complex aroma and exquisite taste; the perfect choice for coffee connoisseurs. Dhepprathan Coffee provides only one blend in three types of packaging: ground coffee or whole roasted coffee beans in a 250g paper bag and 15g ground coffee in a portable and specially designed bag. dhepprathan@; LINE ID: DHEPPRATHAN or +66 (0) 84 009 3366 88 Fah Thai