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FINAL POWER 100 BOOK 2.59 TUE_Layout 1 14/02/2017 13:54 Page 24 the power 100 Social & commUnitY THE POWER BROKERS Shoaib Sultan Khan Rural Support Programmes (RSPs) Shoaib Sultan khan (SSk) is widely renowned as one of the pioneers of rural development programmes in pakistan. he served for 59 years in a range of development organizations including aga khan foundation, Unicef, Undp, and rural Support programmes network. as a cSp officer, he worked with the Government of pakistan for 25 years, later on he served Geneva-based aga khan foundation for 12 years and Unicef and Undp for 14 years. Since his retirement, he has been involved with the rural Support programmes (rSps) of pakistan full-time, on voluntary basis. Abdul Sattar Asma Jahngir Bilquis Edhi Farrokh Captain Imran Khan Imam Qasim Mukhtar Mai Nigar Ahmed Roshaneh Zafar Seema Aziz Shoaib Sultan Khan Souriya Anwar Edhi Welfare AGHS Bilquis Edhi Foundation LRBT Shaukat Khanum Hospital Al Khair Human Rights Fighter Aurat Foundation Kashf Foundation Care Foundation Rural Support Program SOS Villages Nigar Ahmed Aurat Foundation an academic and social activist, the founder of aurat foundation, nigar ahmad is one of the 1000 women who were proposed for the nobel peace prize in 2005. while pursuing a career in academia she taught economics for 16 years at the faculty of the Quaid-e-azam University in islamabad and was drawn into the struggle of pakistani women against the anti-women policies of the military dictatorship headed by Zia-ul-haq. it is at this point in time where she founded the aurat foundation with the help of other likeminded women friends. from then on, under her leadership, the aurat foundation has taken up provocative issues, from mobilizing women candidates for local government elections to generating 24

FINAL POWER 100 BOOK 2.59 TUE_Layout 1 14/02/2017 13:54 Page 25 Farrok Captian LRBT in 1978 farrokh k captain lead a major US-pakistan joint venture chemical manufacturing business in pakistan, namely captain-pQ chemical industries (private) limited. he is also a distinguished member of the Board of the american Business council. mr. captain now devotes much of his time in the field of social work. he is a trustee of the layton rehmatulla Benevolent trust and has served as chairman of the pakistan human development fund. he is currently serving his eighth three-year term as director of Shell pakistan ltd. Seema Aziz Care Foundation Seema aziz is an entrepreneur and social activist who has been working for the cause of education in pakistan since 1988. in 1985, she started a business, to prove that pakistan could produce embroidered fabric equal in quality and design to the best in world. today, 26 years on, Bareeze is a symbol of pride for pakistan. after the flood of 1988, which devastated a large part of the punjab, Seema founded care foundation, which is currently the largest non-governmental organization in pakistan, and perhaps the largest school system in the world. Bilquis Edhi Bilquis Edhi Foundation Bilquis edhi is one of the most well known names in the field of public service. She heads the Bilquis edhi foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides 24 hour emergency services across the country. Bilquis edhi married her husband abdul Sattar edhi at an early age and since then the two have been of invaluable service to the people of pakistan. the Bilquisedhi foundation, better known as edhi foundation, provides shelter and free medical care for the poor, rehabilitation for drug addicts, relief efforts in times of national crises. Asma Jahangir AGHS asma Jahangir is currently the president of the Supreme court Bar association of pakistan and has been twice elected as chairperson of the human rights commission of pakistan. She is also a director of the aGhS legal aid cell, which provides free legal assistance to the needy. Jahangir was instrumental in the formation of the punjab women lawyers association in 1980 and the women action forum in 1985. Jahangir has authored two books and five papers. She has been the recipient of a number of international and national awards, magsaysay award in 1995. Imam Qasim Al-Khair imam Qasim founded al-khair in 2003, Since its establishment, the foundation has been meticulously engaged in charitable work assisting those who are less fortunate than others. al-khair has established overseas schools for orphans and shelters for widows and vulnerable women. the foundation also constructs water-wells making fresh, clean drinking water accessible to remote communities. Roshaneh Zafar Kashf Foundation roshaneh Zafar is the founder and managing director of kashf foundation, chair kashf holdings and founder kashf microfinance Bank limited based in pakistan. She founded the kashf foundation the first specialized microfinance organization in pakistan in 1996. today, one of the fastest growing mfis in the country, kashf foundation was the first microfinance institute in pakistan to achieve financial self sufficiency and demonstrated the business case for investing in women’s economic empowerment. Souriya Anwar SOS Villages Souriya anwar became president of the international women’s club, she turned the socialising club into a service oriented group, which it steadfastly remains, to date. along the road there have been other projects, each bringing its own brand of responsibility like office bearing for the muscular dystrophy welfare association, the fatima memorial hospital, the committee for crimes against women, the prison reforms commission, the divisional Social welfare council, to a fiveyear tenure as a Justice of the peace! Mukhtar Mai Activist in June 2002, mukhtar mai was the victim of a gang rape. although custom would expect her to commit suicide after being raped, mukhtaran spoke up, and pursued the case, which was picked up by both domestic and international media. She started the mukhtar mai women’s welfare organization to help support and educate pakistani women and girls. in april 2007, mukhtar mai won the north- South prize from the council of europe. 25

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