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FINAL POWER 100 BOOK 2.59 TUE_Layout 1 14/02/2017 13:55 Page 84 BALAL ALI EBBA QURESHI FARAZ KHAN Entrepreneur Marketing Social Entrepreneur Balal ali, now 36 , is a very successful entrepreneur, running range of business from furniture to health care. he has developed his businesses in last 8 years with a growth of more than 20% a year in each sector. right after graduating from University, Balal went to build his carrier in it and worked for global business like Bmw and Glaxo welcome. after a few years he realised to invest his passion and effort into his own business as he always fancied having a feel for a higher level of achievement for himself. in 2003, Balal took over a very small furniture business from his father who sadly passed away, since then this business is catering nationwide customer base, including country’s large corporate investing groups, public and semi public organisations employing over a 100 people in the process. recently, realising the importance of diversifying Balal opted to go into the healthcare business with a carefully developed strategic expansion plan in this sector too. ebba Qureshi, born in kuwait but eventually bred in Surrey, qualified in Business and marketing at university. She managed to work on large projects during her early days in her chosen career. Some of which include launching Star tV and arY digital channels in the Uk. Guests attending these events were ranging from local Uk politicians to Bollywood actors such as amitabh Bachchan. Being a pakistani, she always wanted to help promote talent from back home, hence once she had flown down naeem abbas rufi to perform at the Star tV launch, which happened to be one of his first gigs abroad. due to the success of her events she managed to win bids on planning and organising large Bollywood premieres in leicester square. She was one of the first people to have worked on the most successful film premiere for a pakistani film called 'Yeh dil apka huwa'. which was premiered around the Uk. most recently she has been focusing on charity events simply due to the need of raising money for the underprivileged, concentrating in areas surrounding the sub continent especially pakistan. Being married to a pakistani cricketer, her strong links with cricketers has enabled her to raise funds for charities and projects in significant amounts. faraz khan is a Uk based pakistani social entrepreneur, investor and author who believes in bringing a positive change in the society through entrepreneurship business and trade. he is a published author, writer, lecturer and leading authority on social entrepreneurship in pakistan and Uk. he is well known for his forward-thinking business models that allow him to fulfill a personal commitment to better the lives of the residents in pakistan, Uk and beyond. in the past 9 years he with his partners have created 11 leading businesses globally. he represents pakistan on major global entrepreneurial forums and has been recognized for his business acumen as well his passion to make pakistan an attractive business destination for local and global business community. he brings with him years of banking and corporate experience that is a mix of both local and international cultures of businesses, enabling him to integrate successful models into the entrepreneurial eco systems of Uk and pakistan. after over the period of 10 years he has taken many entrepreneurial initiatives, in the field of media, socioeconomic development, arts, entrepreneurship, trade promotion and urban development, transforming each into a success story and considers the idea of inspiring and mentoring the young generation to be the change agents themselves. a staunch believer in the concept of “everything is possible with intent, idea & people” provided that there is a will to make things happen. 84

FINAL POWER 100 BOOK 2.59 TUE_Layout 1 14/02/2017 13:56 Page 85 FAISAL BUTT Entrepreneur faisal Butt is an entrepreneur and investor based in mayfair, Uk. he is best known for co-founding a range of ventures including the very well publicised “90 north”, an investment business specialising in Shar’iah compliant real estate. faisal is also a founding partner of hB real estate in partnership with celebrity entrepreneur James caan, a former judge on BBc’s dragons’ den. faisal Butt and James caan work closely together, identifying and investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs. faisal is a recipient of several noteworthy industry and academic Faisal is a recipient of several noteworthy industry and academic awards, including the much sought after “Skoll Scholarship” for social entrepreneurship. awards, including “Young entrepreneur of the Year” by Shell livewire and the much sought after “Skoll Scholarship” for social entrepreneurship. he is a co-founder of the islamabad chapter of tie, the world’s largest enterprise focused non-profit organisation. faisal completed his Bachelors degree at Ucla in 1999 in Business economics and computer Science and earned an mBa with distinction from the University of oxford in 2009. faisal remains committed to investing in and mentoring entrepreneurs, which he regards as one of his core life missions. 85

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