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FINAL POWER 100 BOOK 2.59 TUE_Layout 1 14/02/2017 13:56 Page 88 GUGSY AHMED Headteacher IKRAM BUTT Sports & community when Gugsy ahmed arrived at the failing parkinson lane primary School as headteacher in 2000, he was warned about the school’s hopeless prospects. twelve years later the school is virtually unrecognisable, with praise from ofsted and a growing waiting list. the 520-strong community of youngsters have thrived under the leadership of Gugsy who has transformed the school into a welcoming and captivating place where success and achievement know no limitations. recalling those early dark days, Gugsy said: “there was absolutely no discipline when i arrived and from day one i sent out the clear message that things were going to be different.” Gugsy’s own life could have been very different if wasn’t for the iron willed support of his mother when he went off the rails as a teenager. “my mum and dad were real community people and they instilled those values in me. “my dad died on christmas day when i was 14 and afterwards i felt that the world was against me. “dad was very proper and believed in education and, after he died, my mother ensured that everything they had ever wanted for my siblings and i happened. my mother told me that i had an opportunity to go to university and make something of my life. She even sold her bangles to raise the money to make it happen. i had always wanted to be the best i could – even though i lost my way for a while - and she gave me the kick start i needed to get through university and into a teaching career.” Gugsy puts a lot of importance on getting pupils out into the world to see for themselves what else is going on. however, when he started the job all trips had stopped because of a fatality. he said: “i went to see the bereaved parents and told them that i was reinstating the trips. i explained that i had a job to do and that i wanted their blessing. one of the highlights of my career was when that family sent their surviving child on a trip, it felt like they had had give me the ultimate vote of trust.” parkinson lane now boasts a student community of over 500, with more than 200 on the waiting list, a far cry from the falling roll of just 350 pupils twelve years ago. Gugsy said: “if i had to choose one winning ingredient for how we got to today’s position it would be that the staff and school community give so much of themselves. they treat pupils as if they were their own children; they want them to succeed, thrive and be happy and will move mountains to make it happen. as a school many awards have been received including the following: investors in pupils, arts mark Gold, international intermediate award, healthy Schools award, Basic Skills kitemark. on a personal level, Gugsy was named as winner of the promethean award for School leadership and is an increasingly popular speaker at educational events and conferences. he says he is interested in making a bigger impact in the community or nationally and has ‘only just got ikram Butt created history when he was selected for the 1995 european rugby league championships, becoming the first British asian to represent england. he has spearheaded a number of ground breaking initiatives, including the formation of the British asian rugby association, which develops sporting, educational and cultural links between pakistan, india, Jamaica and the Uk. he is an award winning development manager and highly sought after key note speaker who has lectured extensively on sport and its cohesive role in society. he is at parliament as an associate member of the all party rugby groups and advises them on equity and diversity. in 2009, he established the British pakistan rugby league team and published his autobiography ‘tries and prejudice’ described by the Guardian newspaper as “fascinating and inspiring”, all proceeds going to two charities. a tireless fund raiser, he is a Sporting ambassador for the ‘kick it out’ campaign, cystic fibrosis trust, white ribbon, moSiac and the pakistan recovery fund. in July 2011, ikram was awarded an honorary doctorate in Sport Science for his enduring contribution to sport innovation and services to community Sport programmes by leeds metropolitan University. 88

FINAL POWER 100 BOOK 2.59 TUE_Layout 1 14/02/2017 13:56 Page 89 HANAH CAAN JCF Foundation hanah, an lSe graduate, joined hamilton Bradshaw (hB), a private equity firm founded by her father, James caan. whilst being exposed to the business, she also took on the responsibility of managing her father’s charitable projects. in 2010, she relaunched the James caan foundation (Jcf) publicly, becoming one of its trustees. over the course of the following year, hanah was instrumental in raising over £100,000 for Unicef for the flood victims. furthermore, for the Jcf, she raised just under £700,000 for the victims of the 2010 pakistan floods, building two villages in partnership with islamic relief, and rebuilding the lives of over 2,000 people. her work at the foundation lead to James being asked to lead a Seeing is Believing visit to pakistan on behalf of hrh prince of wales, which resulted in the creation of the hrh pakistan recovery fund. more recently, hanah has been focusing on bringing together the Jcf and hB in the Uk, launching a new initiative providing British high-growth social businesses with access to business expertise. 89

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