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122 EVERGREEN Autumn

122 EVERGREEN Autumn Situated in a tranquil location on the eastern tip of Anglesey are a group of historic buildings which include the site of a monastery dating back to St. Seiriol in the 6th century. Originally there was a wooden church which prospered until it was destroyed by the Vikings in 971. During the 12th century the abbey church was rebuilt in stone by Gruffydd ap Cynan and Owain Gwynedd and it is still used today as a parish church. Cruciform in arrangement, the nave was completed in 1140, followed by the transepts and tower between 1160 and 1170, with the chancel added between 1220 and 1240 during the rule of Penmon church and priory, Anglesey. Llywelyn the Great (1173-1240). At this time the king persuaded all the monasteries in North Wales to reorganise under the Augustinian Order so a refectory, large dining hall, cellars and a Penmon’s dormitory were added Historic during this period. The monastery Monuments was dissolved in 1537, however, during the reign of Henry VIII, and the lands passed to the Bulkeleys of Beaumaris who built a perimeter wall to enclose a deer park and also added a fine square-shaped dovecote with a domed roof and a small cupola for the birds to fly in and out. Inside were 1,000 nesting boxes cleverly accessed via a central pillar with a revolving ladder.

2017 EVERGREEN 123 Viewed from Penmon Point, Puffin Island lies beyond the lighthouse. The two crosses that flanked the entrance to the early medieval monastery are now housed in the church, the larger one located in the nave and the smaller one in the south transept. The smaller of the two was also once used as a lintel for one of the refectory windows, when one of the arms was cut off for the purpose. St. Seiriol’s Well is a spring which emerges from a cliff behind the church, reached by a path on which one passes the monastic fish pond. The roofed brick-built inner chamber dates from 1710, although the lower courses and ante-chamber are thought to date from an earlier period. St. Seiriol was a great friend of St. Cybi who founded a monastery at the other end of the island near Holyhead — Caergybi in Welsh. According to legend the two saints used to meet each other in the centre of the island at Llanerchymedd. Because St. Cybi walked from Holyhead facing the rising sun in the morning and the setting sun in the One of a number of stained-glass windows in the 12th-century church at Penmon.

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