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98 EVERGREEN Autumn The

98 EVERGREEN Autumn The Editor invites letters from readers for this feature but regrets that she is unable to reply or acknowledge them, except by occasional comment in these columns. Letters must contain the writer’s full name and address (not necessarily for publication) and the Editor reserves the right to abbreviate where necessary. Please address your letters to: “Clippings”, Evergreen, The Lypiatts, Lansdown Road, Cheltenham, Glos., GL50 2JA. Email: DEREK IBBOTSON MADAM: The Derek Ibbotson article (Summer 2017) reminded me of the time when I briefly crossed paths with him during my National Service in the RAF. In the late summer of 1955 I was posted to RAF Yatesbury in Wiltshire to be trained as a radar mechanic. Derek was stationed there and, as a qualified electrician, he was in charge of the standby batteries for all the equipment. This duty apparently gave him time for extensive training as 1955 was the year when he started to break track records. A few of us who tried to maintain a reasonable level of fitness were sometimes joined by Derek, and during our two circuits of the grass track he would be doing three or more, always with a smile and words of encouragement. A good pub quiz question concerns Derek: Who was the first person to run a four-minute mile? Answer: Derek Ibbotson, not Sir Roger Bannister. Explanation: Roger was the first person to run UNDER four minutes, whereas in 1958 Derek was clocked in EXACTLY four minutes when finishing second to the great Herb Elliot at the White City stadium. — MICHAEL CHERRY, WARWICK, BERMUDA.

2017 EVERGREEN 99 CHRISTYS’ HATTERS MADAM: I have bought Evergreen since 1988 and there are so many wonderfully interesting articles in each issue. I love to read of the history of buildings, villages, and churches and I’d like to know more about an old English business — Christys’, the hatters of Bond Street. They were my father’s family, but I know very little about the firm, or if it is still in business. I think they were established in the 18th century and made hats for the military, the police and the general public. — HELEN CHRISTY-RIX, LOWER BELFORD, NSW, AUSTRALIA. *Christy & Co. are definitely still in business, making hats at their factory in Oxfordshire. The company, established by Miller Christy in 1773, has a shop in Princes Arcade, London, and supplies shops around the world. Prince Albert started wearing Christys’ top hats and that royal connection, together with making hats for the military and police, continues today. Famous wearers of Christys’ Homburg hats were Edward VII, Sir Winston Churchill and Anthony Eden. — Ed. SIXTIES MEMORIES MADAM: Reading “Juke Box” and “Hit Parade” reminds me of those heady days when Christchurch rocked. It wasn’t the rocking of the ground, as in recent years, but hundreds of excited footsteps making their way to the airport, hotels or theatres to catch a glimpse of the latest pop group in town. My first job after leaving school was as a child minder/housekeeper for a family who owned one of the few night clubs in the city. These people were friends with A military band and a policeman at Windsor Castle. But which British company makes their distinctive headwear? See letter this page. JON JAYES a well-known promoter who brought most of the international acts to the city. He would reserve a couple of rows of seats, near the front, for the resident band, staff, friends and family so we were very near the action which we loved. Some of the shows I recall are: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Sandie

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