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20 EVERGREEN Autumn William Shakespeare in our modern vocabulary would we be without them? John Milton, born in 1608, was an English poet best known for his epic poem Paradise Lost. To Milton can be credited the following words: debauchery; unhealthily; padlock; dismissive; terrific; complacency; enjoyable; sensuous; earthshaking; lovelorn; fragrance; and pandemonium; as well as the phrase “By hook or by crook.” He is also believed to be the first to use the term “space” to mean “outer” space. The great bard Shakespeare, born in 1564, gave us: addiction (from Othello); assassination (Macbeth); dishearten and swagger (Henry V); eventful (As You Like It); fashionable (Troilus and Cressida); uncomfortable (Romeo and Juliet); and manager (A Midsummer Night’s Dream). Later writers such as Charles Dickens gave rise to: butterfingers (Pickwick Papers); doormat and rampage (Great Expectations); and Scrooge (A Christmas Carol). William Wordsworth in contrast gave us pedestrian; George Eliot — chintzy and Lewis Carroll — chortle. Language is a wonderful creation — even more so if you can add something to it. Think how amazing it would be if you created a new word! Remember, if it’s written down, or you get enough people to start using it, the take up would be relatively quick. You only have to look at television catchphrases, or how the internet has spawned new words we hadn’t heard of 30 years ago, or new meanings for old words. Think of the following sentence: I attached the mouse to my tablet looking to see how many bytes I had. I then checked my Twitter account and was delighted to have five tweets. Not so happily I also found I had been trolled on Facebook. To someone 30 years ago the above sentence would have made no sense whatsoever: why would you be attaching an animal to a pill and seeing how many chunks had been taken? Why would you have an account to do with talking and have bird voices on it? As to having a monster on an account with your face and a book on it ...well! However, to a youngster today it makes complete sense. One thing is certain, language is always evolving, who knows what looks total nonsense to us today could be a completely sensible statement in 20 years’ time! That is the language of the future — in which we can all play a part. RICHARD PAYNE

2017 EVERGREEN 21 CARDIFF CITY It was in 1899 that members of the Riverside Cricket Club in Cardiff formed a football section. A year later they joined the Cardiff and District League before joining the South Wales Amateur League in 1907 and changing their name to Cardiff City. In 1910 the club moved into a stadium at Ninian Park, turned professional and were admitted to the Southern League’s Second Division. After winning promotion three years later, Cardiff joined the Football League’s Second Division in 1920 and won promotion at their first attempt. There then followed probably the club’s best years: in 1924 they were denied the League Championship on goal average and the following season reached the FA Cup Final only to lose to Sheffield United (0-1). In 1927 they became the only club to take the FA Cup out of England after beating Arsenal by the only goal in the final. However, Cardiff’s demise was swift and in 1933-34 they suffered the humiliation of finishing bottom of the Third Division South. Happily, by 1952 the “Bluebirds” were back in the First Division and spent seven of the next 10 seasons in the top flight. However, after relegation in 1962 it would be over 50 years before they enjoyed life at this level again, this being for one season only in the Premier League (2013-14). Cardiff reached the semi-finals of the European Cup Winners Cup in 1967-68, and were defeated by Portsmouth in the 2008 FA Cup Final by one goal to nil. ALAN ROBINSON Cardiff City (1927) Back row (players only): J. W. Thirlaway, J. Nelson, L. Davies, T. Farquharson, T. Sloan, T. Watson, E. Curtis. Front row W. Hardy, H. Ferguson, F. Keenor, S. Irving, T. Pirie, G. McLachlan.

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