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Galileo Saudi Arabia

Galileo Saudi Arabia Program Newspaper By Asma Aljazze The connection with world need many factors but the most important one is the language. Language is the first step to act others. Language is the easiest way to express your thoughts, ideas and feeling as well as reflect it. Now, the English language is the most famous language especially in technological world. Our efforts and time connect with world are shortened by the English language. The English language is universe, so we can use it anywhere and anytime. I think all non-native speakers need to learn about the English language because it is very useful for them at airports, hospitals, restaurants, traveling and in different aspects. Also, in our country we need to learn more about English language for many reasons; • Many jobs require English language, also many interviews are based on English to get a job. • English is the official language of many types of university courses such as science, medicine, engineering, economics and business administration. • It is help us to know what the website is talking about because English is used heavily within websites on the internet. • With English language, we can increase our ability to read the books, newspapers and researches. • Learning English language or any new language teaches you a great sense of accomplishment and fulfilment of your ambitions. There are many ways to learn English language, by follow baby steps at first then slink in the deep. Briefly, I will mention some ways in general such as • You must read more short stories. • Watch movies. • Speak with native English speakers. • Listen to songs in English. • Talk with yourself and sing. • Share conversation with your friend on social media. Finally, I believe that it is very important to have sincere desire to learn the English language. Our life is short , make a good impression and try to have a great impact Picture and caption By: Saleh Allahim 11

An interview with DR. Ali AZhar Dr Ali we welcome you and want to ask you some questions : Can you give us a background about your education ? I have completed an extraordinary program of study that includes three fellowship programs following medical school, internship, and residency.My extensive additional training includes: • Aesthetic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery Fellowship • Women’s College Hospital in Toronto, Canada • Microsurgery and Trauma Fellowship • St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Canada • Pediatric Surgery Fellowship • Children’s Hospital of Toronto, Canada • General Surgery Residency • Providence Hospital & North Oakland Hospital, Michigan • Pediatric Internship, New York • Fellow, American College of Surgeons. • Member, American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Our readers want to know ,Why did you specialize in this field ? I was fifteen years of age when I made up my mind as to what I wanted to do with my life. And the way it happened was: we had a little girl in our neighborhood that was born with a very large hairy mole on her cheek. This girl was beautiful, but she was so shy that she didn’t play with other children. She always had her face covered with a scarf, and when she would go to school her gaze was always fixed on the ground, no eye contact with the children around her. Everyone in the neighborhood felt very sorry for her. Some children did make an attempt to go and make friends with her, but they were not very successful. Then I heard that there was a plastic surgeon visiting from South Africa and that he was going to do some reconstructive work on this young girl. Where I grew up there was no plastic surgeon available, so to have a plastic surgeon was quite the excitement in our area. Well months went by and I did not see that young girl. But one day when I stepped out of the house…what an incredible scene. The young girl was joyfully playing with the children, she had a huge smile and sparkle in her eyes. Everything was the same, except now the mole was gone. Seeing her so happy and joyfully playing with other children and interacting with them, running, laughing, left a deep imprint on my mind. At that very moment I said, “Yes this is what I want to do when I grow up. I want to help people just like that.” Even to this day when I treat my patients my philosophy has remained the same. I want to see that spontaneous smile, the happy glow in their faces. And so far I’ve been very successful. I really love my job, and I would do it all again, if I had to. What are the procedures in dealing with your patients ? The patient comes into the office and is given "patient information" forms to fill out including a medical history. The patient sees a video on the requested procedure and is furnished with a folder containing an "informed consent", a brochure on the procedure as well as our office and information regarding a photograph for before and after purposes. The patient is escorted to an examination room following the video where Dr. Ali takes a history and physical. A thorough examination is conducted on the area(s) pertaining to surgery. A comprehensive discussion of the planned procedure including concerns and complications are carefully documented. Based on the findings and patient wishes, a surgical plan is offered. The patient is encouraged to think about the surgery and is advised to return prior to surgery at no additional charge. At the end of our interview, on behafe of the readers we would like to thank DR Ali giving us his time. "An interview prepared by: Dr. Saad Al shammari" 12

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