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Newspaper Khebrat Wave2 Oakland 2018

Galileo Saudi Arabia

Galileo Saudi Arabia Program Newspaper What are the places did you visit and anxious to visit again? Most of the places that I visited I did some brief reading on it, so I went to safe place mostly What are the experiences that you learnt here and you want to transfer to kSA? Acceptance for different background for all people What is your opinion about cultural shock? How did you avoid it? I think there is some exaggeration and it depends on the person himself What are your interests? I like chess and Reading. By Soliman Alonzi This is an interview with a Saudi student who studied at Oakland university Mr. Mohamed Alshammari -Hello Mr. Mohamed nice to meet you -Welcome nice to meet you, too. What is your impression about being a student in USA? it's surprised how quickly I've been at US, However, I'd love to express and share my thinking you that the environment for students is playing a major role to be a successful person on your major and life. How long have you been here? I've been in the USA since 2010. What is your major? why did you choose this university? My major is Electrical Engineer. The reason behind that for PhD student is a specific field that I choose where I can't find it with any advisor around Michigan except here at Oakland University. Also, the University is safe in comparison with others, better place. Briefly Tell me about the obstacles that you faced here? the desire I chose Development of language before I enter What is your suggestions for the students who want to study here? Students must prepare him/her self for different environment such as culture shock ALBAIK : is a major fast food restaurant chain in Saudi Arabia that primarily sells broasted chicken and shrimp with a variety of sauces. It is one of the major consumers of chicken in Saudi Arabia. The chain founded in 1974 by Shakour Abu Ghazalah and the headquarter is in Jeddah. The chain has more than 73 branches around Saudi Arabia. Recently Albaik started expanding further into the central of Saudi Arabia. By Ali Almadallah 39

By Dr. Saad Al-Shammari The indisputable truth is that Saudi Arabia has inspired the world and demonstrated its productivity, fitness and polished skill in the way it has dealt with the Haj. Consistently Saudi Arabia is looked with the test of managing a large number of individuals who assemble in one place from 164 nations for five days inside a region of only a couple of kilometers, and consistency, it prevails with regards to preparing every one of its assets to give the essential offices to travelers in a phenomenal accomplishment of association that exhibits its administration aptitudes. Due to its experience of crowd management accumulated over many decades, and the massive projects in which the government has always shown generosity in spending for the well-being of pilgrims, Saudi Arabia has reached high levels of competence, which makes it a world model in this area. The UN representative in South Africa, Dr. SalaYanoya, said that South Africa was able to benefit from Saudi Arabia’s experience in crowd management when it hosted the World Cup. She added that no nation organizes and manages crowds of such huge numbers annually, other than Saudi Arabia. Firstly ,The strength of innovation in the conveyance of Haj administrations showed in the projects created by Wadi Makkah Organization of Umm Al-Qura University . This incorporated the estimation of explorers' fulfillment with transportation administrations, activity control by electronically following travelers' transportation transports, and live-stream innovation at security operation focuses. Besides, the brought together security operation focus (911) received 47,000 – 57,000 calls every day in seven dialects dealt with by more than 2,000 dynamic representatives. This innovation is an essential component of the huge human exertion applied in the association of Haj. Secondly, flawlessness and train looked for by the majority of the applicable Haj bodies by meaning to keep the redundancy of past oversights. The Focal Board for Haj drew up a far reaching design this year, in light of a year ago's field reports notwithstanding the reports of Haj authorities, so as to fastidiously stay away from any issues. Price Khaled Al-Faisal stated: "We moved from the routine of considering Haj as a yearly propensity to yearly change. We go for seeing each season more enhanced than the one going before it." Thirdly, fantastic media scope through endeavors applied by the Service of Haj and Umrah implied that 70 directs partook in the scope making a phenomenal worldwide impression. Online networking additionally had its influence by internationally drifting Saudi Arabia respects the world, in more than 20 dialects. Ultimately, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia does not aim to gain an economic outcome of Haj but it wants to give a bright portrait of Saudi Arabia. In the end, every effort has its advantages and disadvantages, but Saudi Arabia is trying to improve the mistakes which happened in Haj every year . 40

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