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Galileo Saudi Arabia

Galileo Saudi Arabia Program Newspaper In 2005, King Abdullah implemented a governmental scholarship program to send young Saudi nationals to Western Universities for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. By Haya AL-Dossary In 2005, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz implemented a governmental scholarship program to encourage young Saudi students to enroll in undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Western Universities. King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz has also extended the program to be included in the Saudi 2030 vision. The idea of Overseas Scholarship Program began to embrace the light upon the visit of King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz to the United States. At that time, he had met the US President George W. Bush. That visit emphasized the deep and solid relations and mutual respect between the two countries. Therefore, the two governments agreed to overcome obstacles to facilitate entry procedures to the United States. Saudi students become able to obtain US visa easily. The agreement also resulted in the royal decree which grants scholarships to Saudi students to meet the requirements of the Saudi labor market. Obviously, this program is characterized by a variety of orientations and science majors. The diversity of the educational sources has become the cornerstone of the Saudi scholarship policy. This reflects the philosophy of encouraging undergraduate and graduate students to enroll in highly-ranked universities. The United States and the other 27 countries such as Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, China, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, and India got the opportunity to enroll Saudi students in their educational system. In fact, the program is composed of three phases. During its first and second phases, there was a significant expansion for the scholarship of bachelor degree students. The rest of the phases focused on the student's scholarship in masters, doctorate, and medical fellowship levels. Four years after the start of the program, the first phase has completed. In the US, there were 19206 Saudi students. This represented the highest peak in the history of scholarship to the US. Accordingly, the Ministry of Higher Education has implemented this program, which is considered to be the largest in the history of Saudi Arabia, in their strategic plans. The Saudi Cultural Mission also has supervised all the external scholarship programs. The Saudi mission in Washington DC started its effective supervision upon the arrival of the first student on the ninth of August 2005, as the first recipient of this program in America. In 2008, the program began to reap the rewards of graduates. The mission celebrated the graduation of the first batch of this program which was 236 graduate students. The program continues to honor the Saudi graduates year after year, giving them commemorative medals and awards of excellence. Saudi citizens hope to see the impact of the program on Saudi education before the end of 2030 vision. " The education in Saudi Arabia is the necessary base which will help realize the aspirations of our people towards progress and advancement in science and knowledge " King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz 15

By Soliman Alonzi No one denies the dangers of texting behind the wheel and how can that be a threat to our daily life and personal safety. Legal legislation in most countries confirm that It is not allowed to use smartphones while driving a car Because mobile devices distract the driver to follow-up the road and traffic situation around him, Which perhaps lead to accidents. Large numbers of people use cellphones while driving and the percentage increase rapidly. The latest studies show that 8% of drivers use the cellphone while they are driving. Drivers on cell phone will have driving ability similar to a drunk driver and will not be able to see road signs in their peripheral also they will not be able to concentrate on the direction very well. The World Health Organization warned that drivers who use mobile phones facing more than others almost four times the risk of a traffic accident .In addition the mobile phones that allow you to speak without the use of the Hand Do not ensure greater safety compared to mobile phones, handheld. By the end of the year 2015 Saudi Arabia issued Latest statistics on traffic accidents compared with the previous year, which unfortunately witnessed an increase of 7.8%with the last average. This emphasize the misusing of smartphones and careless of drivers who may threaten their life. First recorded speed as a cause of accidents by average of 26%, however, about 80% of the total accidents had witnessed the use of mobile phone while driving. Many studies around the world have been carried out on the use of mobile phones while driving, most studies have reached the following conclusions: The inability of drivers to stay within the limits of their itinerary while talking on mobile phones. • The driver will find difficulty in appropriate and regular Speed. • The drivers neglected to take enough space with the car in front of them. • Prevents the driver from attention to what is going on around him. We cannot ignore that driving is not an easy task. It involves listening and mental abilities as well as the driver should be focus on his senses. In many cases phones are not hands free which leaves the driver with one hand on the wheel and that’s decrease motor ability. Researches confirmed that using headset can be also as dangerous as texting because the conversations distract driver attention on the road. While the distraction resulting from mobile phones use is a growing concern and more likely to become an issue to road safety efforts around the world. It is also important to know that the other factors for car accidents such as drink, speed, nonuse of seat belt etc. On behalf mobile phones while driving this problem remained as a concern and consider to be the most common causes of road accidents, the authorities responsible are still confused in the solution of this problem. And it is expected that the rates of traffic accidents that did not take action, to become the seventh of the major causes of death in 2030. The Governments should take action in this area. Translation By Musaad Albadia During humans’ life there were many changes occurred affecting life style. A lot of cultures came into view according people’s interest and traditions. Nations which concerned in science still keeping their succession and heritage. Because of these changes translation was and is still the importance contrivance among various cultures. This importance emerges by the reason of the nation needs acquiring useful experiences. Translation is one of the various branches of learning and communication. So, it deals with languages skills especially speaking, reading and writing. Obviously, translation spreads ideas and information across cultures. In fact, science language is always in the top .It’s known because of knowledge. Nowadays, Translations play a key role in global success for business, internet, law, logistics, tourism and technology. We can say “Translation is the lifeline for human’s culture life”. 16

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