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Galileo Saudi Arabia Program Newspaper Assessing Teachers in Saudi Arabia By Maysa Mishrif There is no doubt that evaluating a teacher in KSA falls under a long list of assessing criteria. This list is written by each educational office around the Kingdom according to the Ministry of Education standards. Therefore, there are different forms or grids in different cities, but they all share the same content. In Jeddah’s north office, we, the English department, decided to focus on assessing a teacher in teaching one skill at a time per year. Last year, we assessed listening and speaking lessons. In this article, I will discuss this grid and its content to enable the teacher to focus on these criteria as they are crucial for assessment. The grid consists of 5 parts which are: teacher’s preparation notes, introduction of the lesson, the lesson procedure including the skill being taught, presentation of the lesson, and student’s interaction. The main purpose or goal of the visit is to strengthen the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and classroom practices of professional educators. The teacher is also assessed on the strategies used and how they trigger critical thinking. The teacher should deal with students’ diversity to make sure that the strategies being taught are meeting their needs. Moreover, the teacher should demonstrate or model the process and structure classroom time to measure students 'progress. Furthermore, strategies should activate background knowledge, so previously taught vocabulary and grammar are recycled then the teacher could build on this data. Objectives of the lesson should be written by the supervisor according to Bloom's Taxonomy on the back of the grid. Afterwards, the supervisor could compare the objectives taught in that particular class to the ones written on the teacher’s preparation notebook and on the board for students to see. The class layout and students seating should also be taken into consideration. The teacher should know how to handle different students with different needs. Students are given a short quiz after class to measure their grasp of the lesson at hand. Students’ success rates in a percentage is also recorded on the observation grid to compare it to the new quiz. Subsequently, a precise feedback is noted for the teacher to seek improvement. At the bottom page of the grid there would be different training courses that the English department would be presenting and the teacher gets to choose a couple according to here necessity. Finally, I hope that I have shed a light to teachers in general to what sort of areas a supervisor would be looking at when attending a classroom. Now, you can take notes of these criteria and try to implement them in your next class. Try to keep doing them daily. repetition leads to mastering. Good luck. By Yousef Asiri The concept of transformational leadership was introduced by the leadership expert James MacGregor Burns. According to Burns, transformational leadership can be seen when "leaders and followers make each other to advance to a higher level of moral and motivation". He pointed out that the ability to influence followers can change their expectations, motivations, and lead them to work toward a common goal. Today, more than ever, I think we need young, brave and qualified leaders who can work hand to hand with their staff and create a positive working atmosphere to reach the targeted goals. We need leaders who understand needed changes. Moreover, we can say that a good leader is the one who believes that he needs the employees more than they need him. Finally, when leaders openly accept a transformational style, they move forward day after day to be more focused and function at a higher level which will create change in people and in culture and lead to innovation and growth. 19

By : Wejdan Alharbi Saudi National day is celebrated on every 23 rd of September to commemorate the unification of Saudi Arabia by King Abdul Aziz in 1932. On this day, Saudi Arabia and the whole world remember how King Abdul Aziz succeeded in changing the society from warring tribes to a national unity. Besides your nationality, all the people from allover the world enjoy taking part in this event. Thus, there is a question that comes up "Why do we love to celebrate the Saudi National Day? In fact, Saudi people and foreigners like to wear the Saudi Arabian dresses and thobes. Moreover, they have fun with folk dances and decorate the roads with Saudi flags. They appreciate the beauty of their country and promote pride in its rich history. At Oakland University, the Saudi students build a huge tent to celebrate. There are different corners present Saudi's culture. If you look at the pictures there, you can see Makkah Royal Clock, the highest and the largest clock in the world, and Jeddah Tower that will be completed at 2020". You can see the Saudi historical places like Madain Saleh, the Elephant Rock, the Tarout Castle, and the largest palm oasis in the world. Another thing that I shouldn’t forget is the Arabic Calligraphy corner. You can have your name written in Arabic and you can try Henna on your hands or taste the delicious Arabic coffee with dates. As for the Saudi flag, it is used by the Saudi government since 1973. It is a green one in white an Arabic inscription and a sword. The inscription is the Islamic creed. The green color represents Islam and the sword stands for the strictness in applying Justice. The flag is never lowered as a sign of mourning because lowering it would be considered blasphemous. There are many events happening on the same date of the Saudi National Day. In 2005, King Abdullah acknowledged that the Saudi National Day became an official holiday. Additionally, in 2009, King Abdullah opened King Abdullah's University of Science and Technology. Moreover, the tallest flagpole in the world was constructed in 2014. Despite the joy you will have while visiting our national day, we should refer to Saudi Arabia's great role in achieving global stability and peace . In addition, it takes part in helping poor countries and refugees. Also, it is a great place for the whole Muslim community because of its two Holy Mosques. Besides that, it respects all different religious perspectives. King Abdullah Al Saud Center for Religious Dialogue is a great example for that. Lastly, the Kingdom cares about women's right. So, it announces recently their right for driving cars as well as playing sports. Happy National Day, Saudi Arabia. You will see me waving the Saudi flag with love, pride and happiness because of the beauty, peace and security that you try to bring to the whole world. 20

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