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Galileo Saudi Arabia

Galileo Saudi Arabia Program Newspaper By : Fatmah Abdullah “If you stop learning, if you don't have fun and creativity, quit” Beckie She is a special Instructor, TESL Advisor and Coordinator First, we are glad for having Dr. Rebecca with us telling us a little about herself as a person and an educator. Her name is Rebecca (Beckie) Gaydos. She is a faculty member in the Department of Linguistics. In 1971, she began her career in the education field as a teacher for the blind and partially seeing, and the physically and neurologically impaired. Dr. Rebecca held teaching certificates in Pennsylvania and Michigan in K-6, K-9 social studies, K-12 special needs visually impaired, K-12 reading and language arts, and K-12 English as a second language (ESL) until her retirement from public school teaching in 2005. She described her experience in teaching blind student . “My blind and partially seeing students were incredible individuals. They were strong and fearless children, K-high school, achieving academically and socially despite their disability. I learned a lot from them”. She runs many education programs, which one is her favorite and why ? She coordinates the undergraduate and graduate TESL programs in the Department of Linguistics in the College of Arts and Sciences at OU. She said her favorite parts of the TESL programs are the practicums at Hispanic Outreach in Pontiac and the K12 summer program. We ask her to address us a word as saudi teachers. “I am very happy to work with the Saudi teachers. We all have much to learn from one another”. And we are glad of having her as one of our educators at Oakland University. We are wondering how she balance her personal life and her work as teacher. “As a person, I believe my responsibility is to keep myself healthy so that I can do what I was put on this earth to do. Family, friends, colleagues, and work are all gifts. I do what I love ...teach”. These are her priorities, she raised a question in my mind, what are my priorities and how I re manage my life? I appreciate these important insights which reflect a great personality. By : Fatmah Abdullah It is known that Finland achieved the First rank in the world in Education for several years. Definitely there are great efforts to achieve that progress ,so we are interesting to figure out the reason to get that . we are trying to learn from them to change our schools. I read a few books, and watch some videos focusing on Education in Finland schools. IT IS very wide topic BUT I WELL TALK ABOUT four POINTS WHICH were the most IMPORTANT IN MY OPINION: First: teach the essentials as the Dr Timothy said in his book Teach like Finland: (they need prioritize the essentials in class room) Second : make it enjoyable, for example math and science can be mixed with music for the students to sing during the lessons, they will love their subjects and school Third :coach more than teach ,it means let student learn by themselves (doing, sharing , writing , answering, peer leering) teacher observes and helps them when they need and gives them positive feedback Forth : give them freedom to choice by giving the student there tasks then let them choose the strategy and they demonstrate what they can do individually or with group . To sum up ,there are important things help the teachers and students in Finland to get an extraordinary education which we can follow in our countries like tech by fun ,freedom,….etc. 17

By :Nuha Alahmadi Graphology is the analysis of the physical characteristics and patterns of handwriting purporting to be able to identify the writer, indicating psychological state at the time of writing, or evaluating personality characteristics. Indeed, the word graphology is derived from grapho (from the Greek,”writing”) and logos (from the Greek, which relates to discussion or theory)” (Wikipedia). According to graphology, our handwriting style affects our personalities. Each individual has a singular handwriting style which reflects her or his unique personality. In other words, handwriting is the model of our psychology that is obvious in graphic form on pages. In fact, handwriting analysis is both important and necessary for everyone because it inspires many things about personalities. Moreover, it is a key to better know strengths and weaknesses. A person’s handwriting reveals his capabilities, tendency, character, way of thinking, etc. Graphology is exciting, especially if someone testing a friend or a member of his or her family. I used to analyze my family members' handwritings, also I analyzed my students' handwriting after taking their permission and trying with them privately to solve any problems in their lives. If possible, hand writing analyzers ask for cursive writing samples on unlined paper, in order to be easier to analyze than lined paper. Even better, the analysis should get several handwriting samples at least a few hours apart because handwriting changes with person’s mood and circumstance. Also, they have to look at the pressure of the strokes. They check the slant of the strokes. Moreover, they compare the spacing between letters and words. In addition, they watch how the writer strings letters together. In conclusion, handwriting analysis can help people go deeply to discover and understand their character. This will help them in deciding which career is best for them to engage into. The point is that at an early stage it is possible to know in which field a person can do well. Personally, I read many books about it, and I attended different courses with my friends to gain more knowledge about graphology. Ultimately, I have learned a lot and this has allowed me to be more conscious about my handwriting. by Rimah Al-Ahmri Fill in with information about Saudi Arabia: Down: 1. The king of S.A 3. The first theme of vision 2030 is a vibrant ........ 4. The capital city of S.A 6. The language Across: 2. The religion 5. The third theme of vision 2030 is an ambitious.. 7. The common food 8. The second theme of vision 2030 is a thriving.... 18

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