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Galileo Saudi Arabia

Galileo Saudi Arabia Program Newspaper What would our life be without mathematics? By Amnh Alasker Most of us dread hearing or encountering anything that is related to math. Whether you like it or not, we do share a lifelong bond with mathematics. It is there everywhere and in everything that we do. Have you ever imagined what would life be like without mathematics? Is there Science or philosophy without mathematics? It would be hard to imagine such a life. In this article, I will report on an investigation with different people asking them if math is important in our life? can we live without it? Daniel Brengel, ESL instructor, thinks that “math is very important to life because reasoning and logic apply to more than just ideas, we need numbers too”. Dr.Mansour Alhumuidi, Director of quality and accreditation emphasizes the importance of mathematics in our lives as an “inseparable part of all sciences and everyday life matters”. Add to it that “it explains a lot of data and scrolls around us”. An entrepreneur, Bader Alasker, argues that it is really not true that life without mathematics is nothing. Early men, who hardly knew mathematics were able to lead their lives. Mathematics is the creation of intelligent minds. As we became more intelligent, we started with natural numbers and then moved on to integers and so on. We also invented (or discovered) geometry which helped us build large structures like pyramids. Mathematics makes our life simple, especially if you are a scientist or an engineer. Amal Bashiri, an English teacher, said “I agree with the author at a point when we talk about math that we need to use math in our life like Algebra and Geometry, on the other hand I believe that some of the other parts like calculus or complex variables, are useless. They are a lot of work with no goal to reach. So, pupils and teachers are just wasting their time on”. Naser Alasker, a Petroleum engineer, answers with common sense, “it is obvious that there would be no civilization without math , since mathematics is one of the primary tools to develop technology . More philosophically, if there is no mathematics, there will be no life at all, nor there will be universe or human mind development “. Yousef Asiri, High school Principal, notes “I agree with the writer. We live in a world of technical sophistication and believe that mathematics is an essential part in all knowledge and science”. “As a school leader, I am always keen to encourage students to learn mathematics and to benefit from it being the center of science and the cornerstone of it”. In terms of the revised question, the answer is fairly clear. We need various forms of mathematics to describe and reason about natural phenomena that we observe. It seems obvious from the participants that mathematics is an essential figure to learn from the educational point of view, but also important factor of our everyday lives in the way we engage with numbers. From its birth till this very day, mankind has benefited and will continue to benefit indefinitely with Mathematics. 7

Building Students’ Character By: Fawzia Alghamdi Building someone’s character starts from childhood. Children are not only raised by their parents, teachers play an important role in their lives, too. Building children’s character is challenging. Every school set its rules of behavior and implement certain policies to apply them with its students and teachers. Teachers in the other hand, are the main factor in building students’ personalities. Students see them every day. They watch how their teachers handle challenges and do the same. Students see their teachers as role models. They simulate them in everything. So, teachers are responsible for encouraging the good behavior in their students and teach them how to deal with life struggles wisely in future. Classroom activities should be designed to develop ethical principles that can last far beyond the classroom and after students leave school. They always say; true character is instilled at a deep level, so that positive behavior is automatic. Children need to be aware of all character traits from early ages. The big question is; ‘How can we raise children to behave well when no one can see them? To answer this question, we as teachers, need to make a lot of efforts to enhance morals throughout our daily lessons. We need to create a comfortable atmosphere in our classrooms and establish a foundation of independent and growth-mindset learners. We must teach students how to solve their own problems through making projects, volunteering in their own community or empathizing with others. We can also make parents help to support their own children. This will not only help students but it also can benefit in building a strong community spirit and strong family relations. A Chance to Change Every human has a chance to change By Abdulrahman Alqahtani Everyone can choose to make a good change in his/her life, but no one can succeed from the first try. You must try more than 10-20 times to acquire the experience, and some of these tries might fail. Eventually, you will find your way to success. First, you should seek knowledge from an experienced person. He/She will be able to teach you in a much shorter time than anticipated. You must find stability in both life and work; then, you will be able to see your future on the right path. It is important to follow famous writers’ lives step by step to acquire their experiences to help us in our life. If we read those writers books, we will find that they have faced many obstacles, but they have gone over it. In fact, we are trying to imitate them. Do you think the cat can reach the mouse ? Puzzle by Faizah Alanazi 8

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