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Galileo Saudi Arabia

Galileo Saudi Arabia Program Newspaper By: Musaad Albadia In the library I met an American student works as a curator . He is a trainee. I asked him to make an interview for ashort time . Typically he accepted . I appreciate this for him. LET’S START # Hi, It is nice to meet you . I am Musaad from Saudi Arabia . I’m a trainee for Galileo –Saudi Educational program . I have a homework as an interview with any person .So I prefer to meet with some trainees . I hope to accept my duty . *Of course , I’m Nathan Bump . I’M a freshman for Oakland university and my major is Engineering Physics . # Nathan , everybody has favorite hobbies and desires , In 30 seconds let me know about these . *My favorite hobby is blacksmithing which is just me in my back yard hammering hot metal . I get to make art , and tools and other items . I also like making things for example a chess board or a catapult . # If you please could you tell me about your hometown ? especially culture . *I live in White Lake , Michigan . It is about 40 minutes away . There is not much group interaction in the community . There are no festivals or community get together , but the surrounding towns have these things . # Could you let me know about your college and course you engaged with ? *I’m an engineering physics student which means most of my classes involve math , I’m in Calc two , chemistry , computer problem solving . As well as I am in the honors college course . # Have you worked as a volunteer in weekend or vacations ? *Sure . I shared in many events in the university activities . It’s good for me to enrich my CV experience . # Have you achieved your own goals and dreams or some of them ? *My main goal for my life was to get into a college I wanted to go to . And now my goal is to figure out what engineering I want to go into . # AT the end . Thank you . I ‘m beholden for acceptance . See you soon . "Do not despair from your life while it may flourish like trees" Picture And Caption By Randa Almehsin 29

By :Hanan Filimban Saudis are still surprised by the announcement of government had made on 27 th September 2017 not only because of being impossible decision for decades but also because it is going to turn the parallel in Saudi society. It is really a huge leap. The decision –which can be described as a historical one –is giving the Saudi women the right to drive cars and have their own license. It is well known worldwide that Saudi women are not allowed to drive on Saudi lands. The reason for prohibition is mixed between religious aspects with traditions and customs. In fact, as stated by Prince Mohammed Bin Salman that there is no religious reasons, pointing out that it is a matter of tradition and customs which need to refined and accepted. Guess what, both resistant and supporters agree on the high amount of car and accessories selling for commercial and social reasons like showing up. Cities will be more crowded than current time. Conditions and rules for driving license are not announced yet but some statements are made e.g. guardian permission is not required to applicate the license, nor his presence in the car if driving. Even women from gulf countries or from outside the kingdom can drive if they have a legal license To end up with, women driving doesn’t reduce men/s masculinity nor increase women femininity. It serves the new needs path of social and economic reform. Like any new decision, it definitely has negative and positives, difficulties and obstacles, procedures and conditions, supporters and resistants. Honestly, they resistants and supporters- are convincing. Resistant think that the opportunities of jobs for men will decrease while supporters think that women opportunities will increase like police women and tutors at women driving schools. Supporters also believe that it will reduce the expatriate labor –drivers-. On the other hands, resistants believe that the numbers of maids will increase because women are busy more. Resistant insure the high rate of car accidents because women are afraid and not able to drive. Supporters insure completely the opposite as women follow the lows and instructions more so roads will be safe. 30

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