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Foreign Rights Catalogue Obelisk 2018

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Laurin has only 3 shots

Laurin has only 3 shots to get rid of Tschack and his malicious gang, Simon’s trip to Zanzibar ends in a treacherous scavenger hunt, Paula has barely a few seconds to make the right decision, Max and Sara discover the dangerous sides of love … 9 short thrillers from the highend writers of Austrian crime literature: Koytek&Stein, Lena Avancini, Anni Bürkl, Beate Maxian, Ernst Schmid, Jutta Siorpaes, Herbert Dutzler and Erich Weidinge will keep you on the edge of your seat! Rush of fear (Schneller als die Angst) Authors: Lena Avancini, Anni Buerkl, Herbert Dutzler Beate Maxian, Koytek&Stein, Ernst Schmid, Jutta Siorpaes, Erich Weidinger 2nd Volume published in autumn 2015: A tight-lipped housekeeper - suddenly enmeshed in illegal practice. A classmate - kidnapped. Fog that absorbs everything. A car that takes off on its own, photos that must never appear on the internet… and part of it is always this deafening, all-devouring fear you have to face. And you can. Again and again. • Local stars in crime-fever • 10 times pure excitement • Sweeping, stirring, captivating Stronger Than Fear (Stärker als die Angst) Authors: Christian David Marlene Faro Petra Hartlieb Beate Maxian Günter Neuwirth Norbert Preis Eva Rossmann Erich Weidinger Susanne Wiegele Franz Zeller

“Smarter than fear” is a book which contains nine trhilling crime stories written by eleven different authors like Erich Weidinger, beate und Jeff Maxian, Elke Pistor, Mark Fahnert, Tanja Kruse, Michael Gerwien, Oskar Feifar, Andreas Gruber and Theresa and Joseph Prammer. The contents range from creepy, scary suspicions of murder, crazy professors and aliens holding dangerous injections in their hands to a pool of blood in the teachers’ lounge. This book contains a story for everyone´s taste. Smarter Than Fear (Schlauer als die Angst) Kai Aline Hula Windgirl 220 pages, Euro 12,95 12 years + Published: Autumn 2014 All rights available Copies: 2.000 What do you do if you turn out to be invisible all of a sudden? 16-year old Kara is outraged as she finds out one morning that nobody can see or hear her anymore. She can no longer lift up things - and yet, she’s far from being invulnerable. Her family cannot find any explanation why Kara has disappeared and asks the police for help - while Kara desperately tries to make them notice her. And suddenly Lian enters the scene - who is undergoing the same siutation. Can he maybe help Kara or is he just another risk? How long will Kara’s boyfriend Yannik wait for her, if she doesn’t come back soon? Kai Aline Hula: Born 1990 in Vienna. She is winner of the DIX talendeted young writer award. Windgirl is her first book for adoloscence. She lives in Vienna and works as grammarschool teacher.