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Foreign Rights Catalogue Obelisk 2018

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The storyline has been

The storyline has been set up as a diary. The respective period is September 2013 to September 2015. Main character is a 15-year old girl named Talitha, who lives with her parents and two brothers in her grandparents (her dad’s parents) house in the Christian part of the historic city of Damascus. She is from a Syrian, Christian-Orthodox family; her father is a doctor, her mum used to work as an interpreter. Talitha is very close to her grandmother (Qashto), who lives at Maalula and who Talitha spends many weeks every year with. Carolin Philipps Talitha ISBN 978-3-85197-825-4 14+ Years | 160 Pages | 12,95 Euro Published: 2016 All rights available - 4.000 Copies In Damascus as well as in Maalula Christians and Muslims have been peacefully living next door to each other for centuries, and Talitha‘s family also has many Muslim friends. Naturally, Christmas and the Islamic Feast of Sacrifice are celebrated together. Talitha‘s family is rather apolitical. The motto stipulated by the grandfather is: as long as President Assad grants us free exercise of religion we will stick by him. Christian will always have to suffer in an Islamic suffer. Carolin Philipps was born in 1954 in Meppen, Germany. After studies in his- tory she published her first book for young people in 1990, Großvater und das Vierte Reich [Grandfather and the Fourth Empire], about the German neo- Nazi scene. The book was an overwhelming success, has been translated into several languages, she received numerous awards and has been filmed for television. Since then, many books for young children have followed topics such as racism, child labour, homosexuality, autism, cybermobbing and sexu- al abuse. She has received many awards for her work, including the Mentioning Award of Unesco for Peace and Tolerance for Milchkaffee und Streuselkuchen [White Coffee and Streusel Cake], the Swiss Bookstar for Made in Vietnam [Made in Vietnam] and the Austrian Youth Book Award 2011 for Wofür die Worte fehlen [When the Words are Missing]. In addition to the youth books, Carolin Philipps also writes historical biographies for adults. She received the Annalise Wagner Prize in 2011 for Luise – die Königin und ihre Geschwister [Louise – the Queen and her Sisters], which went straight onto the Spiegel Bestseller list, when it was published in 2010.

2nd Volume After fleeing from Damascus, Talitha is taken in by a German family. Julia is the same age, Mats is older than her. The parents are open-minded towards Talitha, but Mats is against all refugees in the country, especially against Talitha. Nobody would have thought that he, of all people, would fall in love with her. Talitha, on the other hand, is waiting for her Fady and even visits him secretly in Vienna. But so much time has passed, so much has happened. And Mats is so nearby. Talitha is between apple blossom and jasmin, two cultures and two men, searching for her place. Carolin Philipps Apple Blossom And Jasmin ISBN 978-3-85197-863-6 14+ Years | 224 Pages | 13,00 Euro Published: 2017 All rights available - 3.000 Copies