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Village Voice April/May 2018 meetings we had with WDC on the issue, giving the issue more credibility as a Village wide concern. The Residents Society have brought together many stakeholders to discuss and consider the Ashwells Planning Application, where many different views get expressed. The various groups in the Residents Society Forum on Ashwells represent and provide feedback from the circa 150 households most directly affected by the development. Moreover, they provide a link to the rest of the village through articles in the Village Voice. We do not agree that the Residents Society does not try to represent the whole community. They have acted as facilitators to formulate a ‘Village view’ on this and the Cock Lane issue. They have certainly been much more proactive in raising and expressing residents' concerns than any of our local Councillors. We cannot see any other body that can sensibly represent a wider view for ‘ the village’. This process relies on people coming forward, expressing their views in reasoned ways and influencing opinions. To help this happen, we suggest that the Residents Society, with Peter Brown’s help on his Village blog, should consider more ways of using the Internet to encourage and collect opinions from villagers on controversial issues. Cohesion in relation to planning would also be helped if our village had one Local Authority and not two. We suggest the Residents Society petition the Boundary Commission to change the current situation where the Penn & Tylers Green community is split between two Parish Councils, one part of Wycombe District and one part of Chiltern District. Den Winterburn, Gerry King, Martin Wood Dear VV, In response to the question asked by a new P&TG resident in the last VV issue, both myself & friend/ neighbour, Helen Lampen do have an appetite for rubbish clearing! Being a dog owner, I walk the streets, fields & woods of P&TG with Helen, and we continuously comment on the amount of rubbish we see that the council, disappointingly have no interest in clearing. So... enough talking and instead action is what we decided ! We purchased a litter picker each and some bin liners and started work this week. We have so far dedicated 5 hours of our time litter picking in Ashley Drive, part of Continued above St. Johns Road, Church Road, Elm Road and School Road, and on our round chatted with another resident who informed us that she & her husband litter pick on Sundays at Potter Cross, New Road & the Pond area. Our big challenge will be tackling Commonwood Lane, Penn Bottom, Crown Lane & Noaks Lane as the amount of litter that has accumulated in the hedgerows is beyond belief. We may have to campaign to the Council to help, as these roads have no pavements, so safety will be an issue. The same of course will apply to Hammersley Lane where our new resident lives. We have gratefully received appreciation from other residents on our rounds which of course makes it all worthwhile, and so far have filled five bin liners, the bulk of which are sweet wrappers, cigarette ends, cigarette packets, drink cans, drink bottles and food packaging. Yesterday, we came across a council van parked up by the pond and the driver kindly agreed to take the bags of rubbish away, so at least they haven't taken up space in our home bins. Please feel free to pass on my email details to our new resident, or any other interested residents if they would like to join forces with Helen & I. Kind regards, Jane Seymour Elm Rd. Penn Dear VV, I was shocked by the vitriol in Peter Brown's Blog "Does the Residents Society really represent the residents?" Penn and Tylers Green is a Conservation Area - one of the many reasons residents like living here and others travel from far and wide to visit. The clearly stated aims of the Residents Society are i) promotion of high standards of planning and architecture ii) preservation, protection and development and improvement of historic architecture and iii) protection, conservation and promotion of the countryside - sometimes thankless tasks that are undertaken by the Residents Society on behalf of us all. I've lived in Penn for 22 years and am thankful for the work put in by the Residents Society so that I, other residents and visitors can continue to enjoy the unique beauty of this village I call home. Long may they continue!!" You can print my name - I Wilkes, Proud resident of Penn. Best regards, Ian Wilkes 11

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