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FIXED PANELS Panels can be fixed in place without hinges using three different methods: 1. Magnets - magnets at all four corners of a panel allow for fixing into place with full operation of louvres, yet easy removal of a panel to clean or open a window. This is most effective where there may be tapware that does not allow for a panel to hinge open. Standard deductions apply. 2. U Channel – the most common choice for fixed panels, top and bottom U channel allows for panels to be lifted up into the top channel and drop down into the bottom channel, so that louvres function fully yet the panel can be removed for window access. H section can also be used with ENCORE Outside to block light gaps between panels with the use of angle at left and right sides to act as beading. The factory will deduct 4mm from the gross opening width and 30mm from the gross opening height for OPUS and ENCORE Inside to allow for easy installation. They will deduct 10mm from total width for ENCORE Outside and supply left and right side angles. 3. Beading – For OPUS only, light block is used as beading at the front and rear of a panel (all four sides) and allows full louvre function however the panels are permanently in place and cannot be removed. This is the most asthetic option for openings between rooms where there is no glass window that requires access and shutter panels are merely used as a feature. Standard deductions apply. FIXING OPTIONS & HARDWARE OPUS POLYMER ENCORE INSIDE ENCORE OUTSIDE U Channel 45mm 37.5mm 37.5mm U channel is used top and bottom to slip panels inside for easy removal and operable louvres. Sides can be dressed with beading (optional with order). 15mm 5mm 29mm 25mm 15mm 48.5mm 31mm 50mm 48.5mm 31mm 50mm 45mm 23.5mm 25mm 23.5mm 25mm *Only rabbet stiles can be used for U channel 37.5mm *Channel width allows for D Mould panels 37.5mm *Channel width allows for D Mould panels 27

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