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Dyson Supersonic, the hairdryer

which has quickly achieved cult

status by hair professionals and

clients alike. Dyson engineers -

no fewer than 103 working on this

project alone - analysed the

structure of the hair shaft from root

to tip in order to understand how it

reacts under sources of stress and to

understand how to keep it healthy

and conditioned. Over a period four

years they tested their prototypes

- around 600 in all - on all different

types of hair, to mechanically

simulate drying techniques, some

of which may vary from country to

country. If you laid the hair strands

so far tested end-to-end they would

reach the phenomenal length of

1,625 kilometres! Dyson has also

invested many millions of pounds in

research on the science of hair and

on problems related to traditional

appliances, with the aim of

developing an optimised concept:

the hairdryer handle rather than the

head. The result is a perfectly

balanced, incredibly silent device -

the Dyson engineers have actually

managed to apply the science of

sound to the engine, bringing it up

to an acoustic frequency that is

higher than the range that can be

heard by the human ear! Hairstylists

who have already used the

Supersonic backstage at some of the

most prestigious fashion shows on

the planet particularly appreciate

Dyson's patented Air Multiplier

technology. Thanks to this

technology, the volume of air sucked

into the engine is tripled, producing

a high pressure and high speed jet.

A targeted air jet, at an angle of 20°

provides a perfectly controlled

and accurate handling technique,

making it possible to both dry and

style the hair in one simple step.

Fast, accurate

and intelligent: the

Dyson Supersonic


a silent, fast, light and intelligent

hairdryer. Just like in the case of

Dyson's other major technological

achievements, the engine is at the

heart of the new Supersonic's

outstanding performance.

The bespoke Dyson V9 digital

engine is up to eight times faster,

while weighing half that of the

average engine in a traditional

hairdryer. Furthermore, as it's

designed specifically to be powerful

but compact, the Dyson digital

engine is small enough to fit into

(right): Company

founder, James

Dyson, with the

Dyson Supersonic

hairdryer. (above):

Research scientists

working at the

Dyson laboratories.

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