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An occasion which

harnessed the

power of teamwork,

fuelled by extreme

creativity and

technical know-how

team to get the best results by

drawing on their individual skills

and strengths. “From the moment

I was announced as the winner

until I received the prize in Milan

in December, this been such a

great journey for me,” commented

Maria. “I would recommend that

everyone enter the Mixology

Master Competition, because it

provides a priceless creative

opportunity to do what we all

love.” Working closely with Marco

Antonio Restrepo, Jorge Cáncer

and Kasper Thomas from

X-presion Hair, it was inevitable

that Maria pick up some

inspirational new colouring

techniques - the boys certainly

didn’t disappoint! The objective

for the new campaign was to

achieve a very rich collection

going from a commercial and

elegant style through to a more

editorial finish, playing with

colours, shapes and textures.

“The actual colouring is based on

our Disruptive X-presion

technique that is an evolution of

the pixel we created a few years

ago,” explains Jorge. “We created a

3D effect that is even cooler to see

live than in the pictures! It is

important that it not be a colour

on the surface of the hair, but

rather a colour that changes with

every movement of the hair.

When you learn the technique,

you can then adapt it to be super

commercial and introduce your

own interpretation in the salon.”

There to ensure that the final

looks conformed to the Fudge

brief was Tracy Hayes, whose

encyclopaedic knowledge and

experience of all things hairrelated

made her the main

protagonist in ensuring that the

final collection turned out to be so

exceptionally beautiful: “It was

essential that we created

commercially-attractive looks that

would appeal to our salons and

clients globally, whilst still taking

their breath away with the skill

and impressive techniques used in

each look,” explains Tracy. “We

also made sure to represent the

full Fudge Professional colour

palette on different hair lengths,

so that no matter what the client’s

hair colour or style might be, this

collection will have something to

really inspire everyone,” adds

Emma Bate, Fudge Professional

Brand Manager.

Hair: X-presion @xpresioncreativos for Fudge Professional

Colour: X-presion and Tracy Hayes for Fudge Professional

Photo: Stefano Cattelan/Make-up: Barbara Bonazza

Styling: Manuela Mezzetti/Products: Fudge Professional

Coordination: PMS by Estetica



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