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Fudge Professional Vinyl

Pomade is an ultramodern

game changer

- a combination of

old-school influence,

mixed with the last

Fudge Professional

decade of textured style.

The vinyl revival continues with

this high-performance pomade,

Vinyl Pomade is a

which reinvents the red-blooded,

rebellious 1950s vibe, synonymous

game changer - a

with Elvis Presley, Marlon Brando,

and James Dean, for the digital age.

combo of old-school

A medium hold conditioning

pomade with veneer shine, Fudge

influence, mixed with

Professional Vinyl Pomade creates

either retro or contemporary

sculpted styles with a clear lacquer

the last decade of

finish, depending on how much

is applied and where. Texture is

textured style.

key to any style, and a bit of shine

further emphasizes this look by

catching the light at any angle.

Vinyl Pomade’s cutting-edge

polymer technology delivers

high hold and shine with the soft

consistency of a traditional hair

cream. Coconut oil conditions hair

and scalp and acts as a restorative

treatment, by imparting shine and

helping to replenish lost proteins

and fatty acids in damaged hair.

The coconut oil easily penetrates

the hair shaft and scalp, making it

more effective than other oils.

A lightweight conditioning system

derived from coconut, palm and

castor oils creates a detangling dry

slip and feels natural on the hair,

94 products


and is a natural alternative to

silicones. Precise, polished, not a

hair out of place, classic hair looks

are a hot trend on the runways.

Fudge Professional Vinyl Pomade

delivers on its promise making it

a really massive hit with barbers

and men’s hairdressers.

To find your stockist or for

more information visit

#PlanetF @FudgeHair

Easy to wash out Vinyl Pomade

by Fudge Professional is an

exceptional all-round styler

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