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Based on our international art promotion project, the competition „Enter into Art“, held in Germany at regular intervals, this art book presents 31 artists from 19 countries on different continents. Most of them are award winning artists and finalists, others adequate guest artists. We encourage readers to choose any of the artworks in this book and, using our instructions for meditative art observation, deeply and consciously connect with it to experience the unique form of art-induced relaxation emblematic of our “Enter into Art” concept.
Based on the visible, specific side of paintings and sculptures, and mostly leaving out aspects related to the artists’ résumés, we invite art lovers to try out this stimulating method of connecting with the artworks themselves.
To accompany this excellent selection of paintings, some first-class international haiku poems are presented alongside them. Both original versions and English translations of the poems are included – reading poetry in a foreign language allows us to perceive its characteristic color tones, increasing its intercultural effect.
Our art and poetry pages give „Enter into Art“ artists the opportunity to present their artwork in combination with their own poetry.

The printed book is available in the book trade and in internet bookshops. Hardcover: ISBN 978-3-96103-724-7, Publisher: Re Di Roma-Verlag, Language: English, German, Size: 21 x 21 cm

Patricia Pascazzi

Patricia Pascazzi

1. Eterna, 2017, Monocopia Sobre Cartón/Chine Collé, 17,5 x 18 cm

2. Ayer, 2017, Monocopia, Chine Collé, 17,5 x 18 cm

3. Atemporal, 2017, Monocopia, 19 x 17,3 cm

4. Aguila y Piedra, 2017, Gofrado, Collage, 17,5 x 17,5 cm

Argentina / Argentinien



Interpreting the Uninterpretable

In Patricia Pascazzi’s graphic works, spontaneous impulses meet the rhythm and

symbolic language of a painter. Her expressive artistic gesture is accompanied

by the logic of structural composition. Her powerful structures create a framework

both dynamic and stable, informed by random impulses and coincidental

reflexes. While the artist transcends contemporary ideas of beauty, she discovers

new ones with her unusual graphic techniques. The haptic impression created

by the embossing makes her motifs appear like mysterious, archaic codes

oscillating between the opposing forces of expressiveness and symbolism.

Bedeutsam, obwohl undeutbar


In Patricia Pascazzis Grafiken mündet das Spontane in malerische Rhythmik bis

hin zur zeichenhaften Bildsprache. Die expressive Gestik wird von bildnerischer

Ordnung begleitet. Ihre kraftvollen Strukturen erzeugen ein dynamisches und

zugleich stabiles Bildgerüst, das von willkürlichen Impulsen und zufälligen

Reflexen gesteuert worden ist. Indem sich die Künstlerin über den zeitgenössischen

Schönheitsbegriff hinwegsetzt, entdeckt sie Schönheiten durch ungewöhnliche

grafische Mittel. Der haptische Eindruck der Prägedrucke verfremdet

die Bildinhalte zu geheimnisvollen archaischen Chiffren. Sie wirken wie Bildzitate

und bewegen sich im Spannungsfeld zwischen Expressivität und Symbolik.



16 Patricia Pascazzi


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